War calculations - adding a floor to hero’s used in calculations

Understand it uses top 30 cards to determine a good match value -

Like many in growing alliances - I don’t have hundreds of cards - and often keep duplicates I’m lucky to pull - like HotM, 5* that might be buffed later, new features down the line may give them value. etc.

If there was a small threshold I had to reach - like say 1.20 or even 1.02) for a card to be useable in war - these spare cards wouldn’t count and wouldn’t hurt me … and I could easily choose to push them up slightly to opt in

The opt in is at an account level - and assume opting in individual cards would be a nightmare … this seemed easiest.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Top 30 means 30 most powerful. If you have 1 hero at 4/80, and a duplicate at 1/1, the 1/1 will only count if it’s your 30th hero. A 3* maxed will rate higher than a 1/1 5*. Hope that answered the question.

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