War bug % wrong count

I was in war 100% ! Why it written only 60% ???

That’s saying you participated in 60% of all the wars that led to filling that particular war box (25 points). Were you involved in every war with your alliance?

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Yes I was in all wars in alliance

Been out mercing? Not totally sure if that affects your war chest.

No I was in a clan without living

Best to do is send a support ticket then.
Not sure on how to prove it your bio will show how many days you been in the alliance. War hits on pov only things I can think off.

That’s a good point @Dudeious.Maximus -

Is your POV for war hits maxed out? If you hit every war for the past 4, that should be maxed. If not, you may have missed one. And I know that’s only 4 wars, not all of them, but perhaps a start.

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Don’t miss war and don’t living a clan were I send this bug?

This should tell you how to submit a ticket in-game:


Did you use all of the flags?

Good point.

I’ve checked your Alliance (and your profile, I guess), sounds like you joined about 24 days ago. That means you should have partecipated in 7 consecutive wars.

60% is referred to 25 points, meaning that in those 7 wars the Alliance (and you) did 15 points.
15 points in 7 war can be done with two wins and 5 losses (5 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1).

War chest is tied to the Alliance, not to you. So probably when you joined them their Chest was already at 10/25 points.

Could be for this reason?


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