War Bug prevented me from using any flags and the alliance from using Bunch of flags in general

I submitted a ticket for this already but want to put it here too. We had a member that was stuck in reservation on a team for 6-7 hours (until the war ended). We got down to this final team and could not attack it for the rest of the war, preventing a flip to get more points and use flags. Obviously, we lost the war, leaving about 40 flags that couldn’t be used. Additionally, because I came in after work in the final 5 hours, I couldn’t use a single flag. Two other members were in the same boat as me–unable to use even one flag. The team he was stuck on was an ex-member–I don’t know if that was a factor or not.

Negative effects:

  • Three of us lost participation in war chest, costing us future loot
  • Three of us missed out on the war loot
  • The whole alliance lost out on the chance to get winning loot instead of losing loot
  • The whole alliance missed out on the chance to add additional points to our war chest
  • The other alliance got a cheap win at our expense
  • We missed out on the fun of competing and participating

I think this is deserving of compensation.

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