War Bug? Or Dirty Tactic to win

I tried replying and posting my post onto the other War Bug thread but it wouldn’t let me so I am reposting my issue here. My original post was moved to a thread in regards to War freezing up on some players and losing points after winning a fight. And it also said SOLVED. which I hope it is for those individuals that went through that. I’ve had it happen in the past and it’s very frustrating. Thanks

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Well this is a new one! And I really can’t see where the opposition benefits from this one. Players jumping out (or kicked out?) would lose any possible war loot, be unable to put a point in their titan chest for 12 hours, and I suspect they’d get reduced loot for the titan also. In addition, their remaining teammates are worth more, and with less targets you’d have a better chance at clearing the battlefield and getting fresh targets. Though it’s hard on you for the lowest targets to disappear.

The only way to be certain if this is tactic or bug is to submit a bug report. I know that SG will see your post in this category, but in this case it would be helpful for them to be able to ‘see’ what happened from the logs. If you use the in game button to reach out to the support team then you can give your alliance name, and other details regarding who you were hitting, etc.

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I was under the impression that a player that leaves an alliance during a war eventually has the points they scored in the war removed as well. Isn’t this the case?

Our opponent had a team leave and it showed the points we had against an “ex-member” but I couldn’t see where the opponent’s points were still there. Unless I just missed it? Not that it mattered in a war with an opponent so much stronger than us.

I understand the war b ug was supposed to be fixed. However, I experienced this morning, while trying to battle in the war, my screen froze, and an opponent attacked me while I was clearly online, green circle and all. Lost my points, and war juice. Then, several times just today, I was online, and raided while so. Another bug fix needed??? Not happy!

No, the points they scored stay.

The biggest reason why this is a bad strategy is that the enemies def teams start giving more points, as the points that you would have gotten from the removed players def are redistributed among the remaining defs.

The reason this is a bad strategy is that its cheating and its wrong.

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Eh, the game allows it and it does not really benefit you, quite the opposit imo.

Cheating? I’d say no cause the game allows it.
Wrong? Maybe.
Problem/bug? I’d say no cause once again it’s only bad for you if you do this. There are some edge cases where this could be abused. Mainly in the end you could kick one of your players that’s about to go down. But from OP I understood this was not the case.

This being said, sure it could be done that if a player leaves his points go away, do not see a problem in that either.

It’s not a dirty tactic, it’s a dumb one. @Coppersky outlined why.

Thank you for replying @Coppersky. I submitted a support ticket already. I received a reply from Larry and responded back to him but no other word as of yet. I know these things take time to look at and investigate.

I’m not sure what other motive the opposing team had in doing this tactic but they may have not thought the whole process out. It appears they just wanted to win the war and do not understand how the numbers play out. It was rather frustrating on my part to continually attempt to hit their players and then they would vanish leaving me with only players with high team power to hit. I went from possible points of around 60+ to like 6. It was a very close War. I’m all about pushing hard and doing our best to get points and trying to win. It’s exciting (with I would think any competition) when you have a close match and you can pull a win out. Even if we don’t and the alliance worked as a team we are still better for it because we fought together and teamed up (battle buddies) and build on team family in our alliance. THIS strategy that the opposing team pulled on us makes us hate war and brings morale down. If all alliance teams did this to each other it would just be a worthless mess.

I appreciate the time and acknowledgement on this issue. I hope it will be able to be fixed.
Thank you :blush:

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Their points weren’t removed. In the War Rules it states that when a player leaves their points are not deducted.

The opposing team pulled this trick in the last hour of the War. I only had my 3 weakest teams left to hit with. I had waited for several teams to respawn that I thought I would have a chance of winning against. That’s when they started pulling their players off the field and out of their alliance. But then they would turn around and rejoin the alliance while the War was still going on. They left me with only players that were high in TP to hit. My 60+ points that I could have possibly won went to like 6 points instead. We lost the War because of it. It was a close War.



And this is why this is dirty and cheating, and not ‘just some tactic’.

It’s not about who will get loot, it’s about disabling your opponent to fight with you because you’ll remove targets from them.

It’s not people who left the alliance, it’s people who just exited and reentered. Their alliance won because they disabled the opponent to score points by cheating the system.

I totally agree with the proposal of snapshot - we put heroes on the battlefield, and what we put, stays on the field until the end - neither levelling, nor removing nothing should influence that.

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@RedPython One of the players wasn’t online that I tried to hit and hadn’t rejoined by the time War was over. That’s why I thought they possibly were being kicked (with the understanding they would rejoin once they were back online). The leader of their alliance was online in that last hour.

But even if they won the war, pissing off the person and their alliance above, they gave up far greater rewards as @Coppersky indicated. Because, you know, war loot is awesome for those remaining players LOL.

I can totally see how this is frustrating to be on the receiving end if, but man, it is still dumb for the alliance on the whole and individual player. It is a dirty tactic though. I will agree there.

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This is very reminiscent of the old one hero defense trick. It too was a bad idea, but could actually win a war in edge cases.

All for a couple extra potent leaves, SMH.

It’s so dirty that I refuse to call that a tactic. :rofl:

It’s a move that only losers do. Losers as type of human being, not losers as ‘the one who didn’t win the war’.

It’s not that they’re forced into doing wars, we have opt out now. If you’re on the field, be better and win.

We’re not here because we hate each other and we have to kill each other. I hope we’re not.
So, if we met on the field to measure who’s better, then let’s be better.

This is not real war where you fight for life and where any mean is fair game, because your life is at stake.
This is a game, and you can choose to play fair or to play dirty, it’s personal choice, as it is with everything in life.

I left one alliance because they were trying to manipulate the system by leaving before matchup is done and reentering to they can be on the field, but maybe ‘we get weaker opponent’. They of course didn’t advertise that when they were recruiting.

I think such move is low.
However, I don’t see the joy in beating the weaker opponent, and I see the challenge in beating the stronger ones (however, not too strong that it becomes David vs Goliat, I’m not into that)

1 hero or low heroes is some attempt, however, it’s proven to not give you advantage if you’re faced with capable opponent.
However, they didn’t disable the opponent to score, they made the job harder, but possible. Still not fun, so I’m glad they removed such possibility. But that isn’t similar to this one now.

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I’m trying to be nice by saying “tactic” lol I really want to call it other not so nice things but will refrain

Translation (Turkish): I’m not sure I followed what you said.

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