War bug - no dmg

I fought twice in the war today and both attacks were catastrophic. In the first attack with full 4* And 5* of blue colour I sent about 9 blue tiles to Delilah and she didnt die. I received only 13 points. In the second attack I coudnt do any damage to enemy team with stronger team And I scored 0 points!

I apologize if I’m missing something, but I’m afraid I’m a little unclear on what bug you think you’re seeing.

13 points for an attack when there’s no hero kills seems about right. And 0 damage attacks definitely happen in wars. Did you think that you did damage to the second enemy which wasn’t healed away?

I killed Delilah finnaly but it should be killed about 5 tiles and not that she’s still alive after 9 tiles (than she used speciality etc). About attack with 0 points, there was problem I couldnt do dmg to enemy with tp 3400 without some Heroes, So less than 3400 so it wasnt because of bad tiles but because the tiles didnt do the dmg ( I attacked with 4* team

Delilah is weak against purple, not blue. Without knowing exactly who you stacked and what their attack stats are, it’s hard to say precisely what should have happened. But she absolutely can survive 9 tiles from a neutral-color 3-stack, for example.

Are you saying you left a color out of your attack team, and so tiles of that color did almost no damage?

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Im level 46 I know how the game works. No, I mean i used isarnia, grimm, Sonya, Kiril And Boril, all at full. So then the Blue tiles have to do large dmg with my strong troops (4* or 3*). Of course the other color do dmg of 1. So nine blue tiles have to kill Delilah, there was some combo etc. I dont have video from the game.

Ok, but I have no way of knowing what level you are unless you tell me. So it’s not like I’m trying to be difficult here. All I have to go on is what you write.

The damage equation has a random component to it, and that can affect tile damage a lot. It really wouldn’t require too many of those tiles to hit toward the low end of their damage range to allow Delilah to survive 9 tiles, even from the stack you described.

I’m sure on average it’s a safe kill, since the expected value is about 30% more damage than she has health. But the fact that they’re neutral tiles means the low end of the damage range on a tile just won’t hurt her very much.

With respect to the second attack, you said:

Can you explain a little more what you mean by “couldnt do dmg to enemy with tp 3400 without some Heroes?”


Was Delilah the tank? If so, what was your thought process for bringing a blue 5tack against her?

As for zero points; yes this can happen if you do not damage the enemy enough. Sometimes it is better to flee from a fight after dealing damage in a no-win situation, especially if they have a healer who is about to go off…or field aid.

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