War bug? Hits doing nothing, then get one shot killed

Seems a consistent problem for myself and a couple of my guys, our hits using strong heroes with good level troops have absolutely no effect on the opposition. Then their heroes kill us with one shot.

It’s a regular problem that hits from my 5* heroes backed with 15-20 level troops do no damage. Don’t miss, just register no damage. Then their hits kill my heroes with one hit. Not sour grapes, just annoying that I waste war hits and can’t possibly hope to get any benefit.
Is happening to others in my alliance too.

It’s a bit difficult to say what’s happening without videos or screenshots of the battle.

If you want to try contacting Support, they may be able to check their logs to see if anything odd happened, although I suspect you’ll get a generic response.

If you want us fellow players to give some thoughts, I’d suggest posting screenshots, or putting a video on YouTube and linking it here.

If you want to contact Support, here are instructions:


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