War bug - Defense teams- one 1* hero fix not enough

I was chatting with someone on line and they are facing an alliance that decided to feed their defense teams away, partially. Some scores changed but not all leaving them short possible points.

I had her screen every single player and added them together. If they were all alive her team would be unable to get 2000 from clearing the board. Please just lock all fielded teams, no changes at all to any defense team during wars.


I’m the person who was talking to her.
Several people changed their teams after the war started from 5 team heroes down to 1 or 3, costing us possible points.
Not sure what needs to be done to fix this, but it leaves us short on possible points, slanting the war to their side. Even if both sides got all possible points now, they would win by default because they have taken part of the points available to us away.
I understand that it’s been fixed so that if you remove all heroes, you become a spectator only. Could you possibly fix it so that the only option is to either remove all or none? Or fix the point allocation to adjust automatically as soon as a hero is removed from a team?

@Althea guess you don’t have to do the math after all.

@LynnR definitely a problem, but would you recheck the numbers once people all respawn please?

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Numbers should recalculate as you go unless they changed something which is possible. On the bright side you will jave an easier time wiping their teams than they will with yours, especially at the end when using bench heros

Spg could stop this by locking heros in war. Simple

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That’s what I thought too when she started talking about it, and why I asked for screens of all of their players. From what I gather they’re already mismatched, this alliance is too strong for them and they can’t beat the real teams up to clear the board, but adding it all together they are short potential points as well.