War Bug Attack used but heros were not in a freeze of app

Was in the process of building a team in the war. Didn’t yet hit attack. Stopped for a few mins and screen locked. Went back in to phone and went to hit attack. App froze and just had a spinning circle. Never attacked. Closed the app went back in went to attack again and found that it had used the attack. However all of the hero’s that I had on my team were still available to use again as if they had not been used. The attack was charged and registered a 0 but none of the other aspects of the attack seemed to have been done. Would have made more sense that if the attack had been completed that both the attack would have been used and the heros would no longer be available. Would have been better if it were the other way around at least and didn’t have to put a zero up on the board but that’s why it’s a bug I guess. Merry Christmas right.

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