War bug 6/27/18

Our team is at war i beat skull and at the end it took my point and he was never taken out on the board tried two more times and nothing

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Same thing happened to me

We had a similar thing happen, where user killed an enemy then got an unexpected exception error show up and nothing was recorded.

It’s not even allowing me to participate in this war . ive not left my alliance i have a defense teamwith the required number I’m above the required level to participate. I am in spectator mode not even on the battle
field no clue as to why.

  1. You were in your alliance BEFORE the prep phase?
  2. You are level 12 or higher?
  3. You had 5 heroes in your war lineup BEFORE war began?

Yes to all those questions

And you weren’t playing with your lineup when war began? Hmm.

If it were me, I would contact SG support and request help. The war will most likely be over by the time the sort you, but you’d be set for the next one:


No was at work when war started . that was the first thing i did after asking around

Only thing that sucks is was able to actually be able to do some damage against this team and not be instantly dead you know.

I’m sorry this happened to you. Let’s get you to SG Support, and get started on an answer so it doesn’t keep affecting you. :slight_smile:

I sent them screen shots and everything when i put the support ticket in.

А можно попросить разработчиков больше не обновлять игру? А то с каждым обновлением играть становится всё хуже и хуже!
Сегодня в войне альянсов я добил двоих, мне оба раза победу не засчитали и поставили очки 0.
Плюс в войне бонус восстановления здоровья… Кому вообще в голову пришла эта бредовая идея??? Раньше я мог с отрядом 2* героев добить двоих 4*, а теперь даже с полным отрядом 3* героев я не могу добить одного, потому что он через каждые 2 хода восстанавливает здоровье, и восстанавливает он больше, чем я наношу ему повреждений!!!

Earlier I had an alliance member attacking a dead opponent on my screen. So theres something weird going on. Same member had issues with defeating the opponent and getting zero score and the opponent as if they had not been attacked.

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