War bug: 0 points despite killing enemy

I got 0 points after a match was done despite the fact I defeated my opponent. It used my flag and the opponents team remained alive! Whats up with that? Its pretty unfair and feels like a waste, considering we have to get to 25 points to fill the war chest, problems like this one are pretty bad


Ho avuto lo stesso problema in guerra ho fatto 3 attachi e ne risulta solo 2 in piĂą avevo battuto avversario nel 3 attacco che alla fine del attacco mi ha dato errore di rete e sono rimasto senza attacco e avversario e ancora vivo.

Obtuve 0 puntos y perdi energia de guerra sin atacar al enemigo, el juego se desconectĂł al iniciar el ataque y perdi la vida y los puntos y kos heroes me quedaron inhabilitados sin atacar. Me pueden ayudar?

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I had the same problem. I hadn’t even begun the second battle when it showed a score of 0 and when the fight began it used my flag and team.

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Oh No Compensation time :rofl:…

Player in our alliance just reported the exact same thing. The team they killed is still showing alive, open for further attacks(although they’ve been killed) and 0 points were awarded.

The player said a message showed saying points couldn’t be added at the time due to app versions and we found the attacking player was on the older version (now updated but no change to score).

Totally screwed things up for us as we might have to warn our entire team not to hit them in case it’s just burning attack flags… not great during one of our toughest wars to date.

Will follow this thread to see what happens.

@Resol You enjoying trolling people?

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not trolling just voicing the will of the ppl who are bugged. if you search past bugs i mearly voice the ppl will of compensation for the bug issues. if u took it as bad/trolling sry. im on the player’s side. :pray:

Fair enough. Looked quite sarcastic without sharing the fact or information you know if this is an old bug that’s gone on ignored for a while but I’ll take you ast your word.

I’ll try update these threads with the older information if i find it, but kinda moved on already as slim chance of a fix or compensation probably so just gotta focus on saving others from running into it.

A support ticket should be sent, stating the time and date it occurred…screenshots if possible also help.


Me too!so unfair I lost my score after killing the opponent!

This happened to me today. It wasnt even close, I wrecked the dude

When the same thing happened to me, I made out a support ticket. they told me it was my wifi.

I think it’s something more now

This issue has been ongoing since the very first war. It’s rather irritating that it’s still an issue.

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I just had this issue now in my current war against Dutchie Alliance, beat lord eagle easily and was awarded zero points should have been 60

I have had the same issue in our current war. Got a server error, they keep their hero, I lose my attempt and get 0 points

I have the same problem !

Me too! It’s really annoying. Server error after killing enemy, 0 points and flag lost.

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Next flag - the same situation! Are you kidding me?! Please fix it and break the war, it’s comedy :confused:

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Same here. Won with 0 Points.

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