War: Buffs

My intention isn’t to complain or moan though that may be how it comes across…

But has there ever been an official word on why the developers deem the various war buffs vital to the game? And on a side note does anyone actually feel like they add fun to the game in their current form?

My main complaints with these features stem from the fact that they just totally skew the balance that players spend ages trying to get used to in raids etc as no one can deny certain situations and hero’s react completely different under buffs such as field aid and the timing of the % dmg effect (I.e getting hit with the dmg % before a big aoe hit as opposed to after can literally be life or death).

Now these issues aren’t necessarily a issue at face value but when you factor in how often they occur during a fight and how their is little to no counter play available… yes you can take heal reduction hero’s etc but this again relies on having specific hero’s and skills that are not readily available for players who haven’t been playing for years.

I guess my overall point is that rather than keep adding stuff like taverns quests can we get the developers to look at some of the basic mechanics of the game that in my opinion haven’t aged well with the game at all.

There is many options for change that could be looked at such as;

  • slower charge for the buffs

  • A power % scale. I.e 2% until team defeated once 5% 2nd life etc.

  • tiles that if exploded act sort of opposite to the way they work in s3, so you could play around them or use them to time it a little.

  • Mabye defending teams need to pick 3 defence teams and when a defending team dies they can’t be reused for defence and the buffs are only available for teams 2 & 3(yes teams may put strongest teams as 2nd team but they would sacrifice points for first team)

Or just remove the buffs all together and look at other mechanics to make wars slightly different to raids.

It has been discussed many times.
Like this, for example, about Field Aid Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?
Or this
Now is the time to end war buffs

This is a topic about a disadvantages of defense in raids and thus Alliance Wars

It’s been almost 2 years since the introduction of war aids (June 2018), the first few war months were just revenge attack (arrows). They work perfectly fine by reducing the advantage an attacker has and making it different to just raiding all the time.

Could they make new aids? probably but it would only get abuse from players as normal

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As per Zeph - please use pre-existing threads :slightly_smiling_face:

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