War beaten out of time and lost the points UNFAIR

We won the war in the reglementairy time. Then there came a message that the points will be calculated. But there still was an attack going on and 1 of our allys was beaten more than a minut out of time. The other team still get the points and so we lost the war UNFAIR

This is a normal behaviour. War doesn’t finish until all battles are over. We went well over 5 minutes once. I see the only problem that there is no documentation. Everything works on the base that everyone knows. SG should create a full documentation, which would be available in the game (in the help section).

Just out of curiosity, who knew that titan attacks shows a warning messages before late attacks and cuts off when time is out, events chalenges do not display anything and cuts off, and war battles don’t display anything and don’t cut off. Quite a mess. They definitely need to do some documentation.

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