War Battles Ending Unfairly

I wanted to post this regarding a recent inquiry for support. I believe that war battles should be changed and the battle should depend on the fight and not the timer. If I am winning and it starts timing me and it causes a loss that is not fair gaming at that point. It should be based on score and the advantage at the time the clock stops. Right now when the clock stops you lose even though you have a full team and the upper hand and are getting ready to take out the opponent. The winning shoukd be based on the fight not the timer. I am starting to understand why so many players are starting to quit the game and move on. The game is supposed to be fair on both sides. When I go up against a heavy hitter I dont expect to always win but I give it my best and if I loose then it should be on my productivity within the fight and not a timer. If the case is a loss without a fair chance then people will revert to not playing the game after a while. Games should be and stay fair for both sides. If you don’t see that as a good start to keep your players going then may and probably will loose many good players over time. also I would like to stress that sending me a bunch of links really didn’t help. I was having to fish through a bunch of things unrelated to my inquiry to find answers that may or may not be there. Thats really difficult when someone is seeking answers. Thanks :thinking:. .

Does anyone else feel as I do about the raid battles?

Speed is a large part of the game including challenge events and titans. Raids have the tiebreaker that aid in preventing losing due to time.

I don’t get what raid score you’re going for. Are you saying whoever has more heroes left?


Did you know that when conducting a war campaign, logistic is an important factor? Attacker can only besiege the city as long as they have enough logistic supply. So basically, supply becomes time limitation.

I believe SG is correct by putting time limit.


Yes and no. What I meant to say was the war battles and not the raid battles. I had a full deck and was taking out the opponent but it timed out before I could strike with my loaded team. Thus I received a defeat even though I had all my team standing and fully loaded against the two remaining on the team that was left with about a quarter of power. I had more but still lost.

Would it be fair to others if there was no timer? I can imagine waiting on an Alliance member to kill last opponent in War to get reset and something happens on their end where they are AFK for hours. What happens next?
I believe the timer is in play for a reason. After all how many matches are you trying to make? There’s also a move counter that shows when the timer gets critical and damage is multiplied.

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Whether it be raid battles or war hits, I find the time more than enough and sufficient to conclude it. I know other players have also taken advantage of the timer because of the massive damage the attacks are causing due to the dying minutes/seconds remaining. The only times I am on the dying timer are when I am occupied with real life activities. Really, you don’t need the entire allowable time to finish your hits, including the dying counter, unless you are using your uber-genius level brain trying to predict the incoming tiles after moving them.


Ah war is totally different. But agree with @yelnats_24 that we shouldn’t have unlimited time.
I’d the game was built with double the timer i wouldn’t be calling for a change. If they changed tomorrow I wouldn’t mind.
But i wouldn’t call this a problem and saying it’s unfair undermines the fairness that it affects everyone. The unfairness lies in ability to play quickly, which some may call a skill.


I wonder what kind of battle ends the way OP describes it… a full team that loses to time… I’ ve had battles coming close to timer decision, but never with a full team left standing against one or two enemies. Usually this is the way for fights that end in a healer to healer show down. Ugly business. But the clock is there for a very good reason and should stay like that.


It’s frustrating when you end up healer vs healer and you just can’t quite get enough tile damage to kill them. Been there, done that.

However…when we are watching people hit us and your defence gets a stop we are generally pleased. When your defence takes 4 flags to kill it we whoop and holler.

The flip coin is just how frustrating those 4 flags were for them. Each one was probably saying how BS the board was, or how they timed out etc etc.

You can’t have your cake and eat it here.

Ok. I dont think anyone understood the point. This was regarding the damage done. The timer was not the issue. We have to have timers or the game could/would go on forever. If the timer goes off why arent the ones that fighting scored by the damage that was done since the fight couldn’t be finished. Shouldn’t the decision be factored by the scoring and/or the end damage. Instead if you are fighting and the timer goes off you lose regardless.

Use boxing as an example. The one with that throws the most punches and does the most damage when the bell rings is what? The loser or the victor? Per what I have noticed is the fighter with the higher score at the end of the fight is ruled the winner.

I had Rickard, Cobalt, Cyprian, Black Widow and Lady Woolerton. With my opponent having Rafael and Cyprian left with only a little mana. It was a great battle too. It took a while. My players were lit getting ready for the takeout strikes and the timer ended the game. Which caused a defeat even though my whole team was left standing and fully powered and I had wore the opponent down to barely nothing.

You can’t actually foretell the scenarios that would occur with no timer? Let me fire up my Joon, one shot an opponent’s hero and let the timer run out until I win. Good thing you aren’t a game designer, eh?


But the problem is, this is not boxing where the rules for victory are far different than the game. In E&P, for you to emerge as victor, it requires you to eliminate all enemy heroes with your attacking forces left at least with a single hero, even if its HP is 1. If both the attacking and defending heroes die (this happens several times), the attacker loses. This has been the game rule since, I believe, 2017.

Oh, yes, that’s painfully true! I’ve lost more battles that I care to remember back in my Cyprian centered attack strategy days… seems like an eternity has gone by sine…

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Nope, in real life battle/war. If the attacker retreat as they run out of supply/time, the defender succesfuly defend the city.

In case of Alliance War, the damage done is not reversed and can be attacked again with HP remaining as in the last state.

In case of Raid, if the defense is not broken, the raiders cannot take the loot from the city. This is just like real life (except burglary).

This is not a sport or martial arts contest but raiding a base. Very different scenario.

Do you know that defender have bonus 20% attack and defense? Well, this is like real life scenario where defender on the wall have better defense and attack.

If you cannot break the defense, you cannot plunder the base unless you sneak and steal.

Note that even when both side of heroes all die, attacker is considered lose as none of them can plunder the loot from villagers.

The only way you can plunder them is to defeat all defending heroes/troops with at least a hero/troop remaining.

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But in war, even if the attacker loses because all heroes on both sides die, the attacker is still awarded the full points from that war defense. In raids, the attacker loses cups, but is still credited the number of enemy heroes killed for the regular hero chest.

Dude, but this isn’t real life… this is a game. :grin:

While I undedstand the OPs fruatration and sentiment, i think what he has in mind is prone to abuse. Ex. Say a 4800tp team is defending and one of my alliance members takes down the tank. So does this mean i can take in 5 Aifes (no offense to Aife lovers out there) and match 3 causing 1pt of damage to anyone and just wait out the timer and i am supposed to win?

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True and the normal. In war it does not matter if your last hero dies. You took out their defense, you get the points. In raids, kills count, just cups are lost. They might have make it a draw, in my oppinion, but, hey, that’s the way it is and it won’t change…

As an attacker I could match my first 3 tiles to do some damage, then out wait the clock and all enemies would die when time is up because I did more damage? Is this the suggested mechanic? Sounds fun.

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Sounds like you have no idea how to ghost tiles, stacking elements or synergy of heroes. You basically took a rainbow team and probably sent tiles at the heroes

As a f2p, I use 4* against 4600-4700 teams and I’m one of the few in my alliance that consistently gets 5/6 and 6/6 in wars. I’ve never had an issue with timers unless all my attackers get killed and one healer remains. In such cases, I’m usually dead from other means anyways.

Hero synergy and damage from tiles is massive in this game.

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