War Battlefield Diversity - Forced Tank Colours

I think the every other war suggestion would be best.
Either changing just the elemental requirement for the center could work.
Perhaps a ban on a singular element on defense?

How would you explain the ban, though? Banning the strategy because it works too well?

No bans please.
Rainbows have to be allowed as well as all stacks.

Just a slightly different defense each war to be challenged to build different lineups.

Maybe female only or male only sometimes. :sunglasses:

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I do like the idea. Honestly I’ve always been an
‘Occam’s Razor’ kinda guy. The simplest solution more times than not will b the best solution. Also starting simple allows room to build. Like the idea very much about the system randomly assigning tank colors. U could still build a nice defense with what ur roster has but having to assign 6 preset teams or even 3 will really kill some newer players in alliances learning their way. Just my opinon but kind of like u know what aids will b available during the prep the information could also include the tank color needed to play. That’s a nice one step simple start. That would have my vote.

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Yes, you’re right.

Could be just like fieldaid. I’m thinking of 3 different specifications for tanking. Element will be assigned, class or gender. These circle randomly like the buffs, except for being different for each player within the kind of diversity.

That wouldn’t harm weaker benches.


That sounds perfect!

Love the idea as I have also suggested this on another post a while back but also light of not repeating myself you can read this one.

@Garanwyn @Rook

Might be an idea to merge these two posts for the sake of likes.

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Which threads were those where you suggested this idea over and over? Help a Mod out? :wink:

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I like idea with more then one defence team. We have 6 attack teams so lets set up also 6 defence teams. Defender still have the strongest defence in the field but attacker have 1-2 strong teams ang then using weaker and weaker with bigger risk.

This would be a huge disadvantage for weaker players and lighter benches. Maximum should be 3 teams as suggested before.

Hi there. A good place to start is here as these are both pretty much the topic.

I will se i can find the others for ya and get back to you.

Might want ti delete this particular post to avoid duplicate though, if you like/want of cause.

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I like the concept of increasing diversity. However, the objection about newer players is extremely valid. A large number of players only have one or two viable tanks. To force somebody to stick Sharan in tank because she is their only ascended red is cruel and unusual punishment. (Ok, probably unfair, as most would have replaced her already. But even Bane is pretty sub-par…)

I do like the idea of setting three defenses that will be rotated in the course of the war. Presumably, anyone who opts into war has at least 15 decent heroes.


Even two defenses (first half, second half) might be more challenging… :wink:

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Weaker player was responded to in the other thread so for the sake not repeating and duplicating comments in the forum please read them there. Link in my above post.


I think that emblems were an alright idea, but nothing was done to accommodate the balancing issues it brought up in wars and such. Since you face the same heavily emblemed jacked up team potentially 3 times in war, while only having 1 properly emblemed team of your own that you can only use once, makes wars harder than they used to be because of the fact that they get to keep their strongest heroes.

So my proposition is that instead of picking 1 defence team, you pick 3, and after one is defeated, you’re next team choice takes its place. And after the last one is defeated, you get a point bonus or something. This would give a sense of progression after defeating someone instead of just getting points. Youd be working towards a goal of completely wiping out players teams. it would also let the enemy teams scale down with you as they become weaker along with you as you use your good heroes. It would also add more elements of strategy since youd have to consider 3 teams for defence instead of just using your strongest heroes as well as make use of your other heroes.

Also get rid of field aid. Literally everybody hates it, so I dont see why it still exists. Or at least make it half as powerful

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I don’t hate field aid.


i hate field aid however does that mean only players with 30 heroes at least will be allowed to join in war? i find that unfair to the new players…but i like the idea of improving war :slight_smile:

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I spend a year working my tail off to make a 4250 power raid defence team and you’re suggesting ‘fair’ is that to protect newbies i get to use that defence once per war? That’s ‘fair’?

To paraphrase the Princess Bride: I’m not sure that means what you think it means.


You would only need 15 heroes to have 3 teams, not 30

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You may like this one, too.

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