War Battlefield Diversity - Forced Tank Colours

As mentioned in another topic, one often faces the same defenses in war over and over.

There are Kashhreks around 3K teampower and Guins for the upper class.

The idea is to challenge the players building up their war defences.

My suggestion: The game allows randomly only a certain color/element as tank for the next war. Each one will be challenged to build up a war defense around the given element and it may also be different for each player.

You won’t face one color tank alliances any more and one can’t field the same team again and again.

A second idea was to assign at least 3 defense teams. 2nd will appear on 1st respawn and 3rd on 2nd respawn. In case of a cleansweep the same defense as before comes up.

This would shuffle up wars and could be great fun.

Let’s hear your opinions on war diversity…

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I actually like this idea because it will force a completely new strategy.


Another idea could be…
Select 3 defense teams, in order. (cannot use hero more than once like in attack)
Team 1 - at start of war
Team 2 - if team 1 dies, this team replaces team 1.
If team 1 is attacked and not defeated, this team spawns at 12 hour mark? (to stop people from just waiting til the 12 hour mark)
Team 3 - Spawns if team 2 is defeated. Once all 3 teams are killed, the cycle starts again.
This would make your teams 4, 5, 6 more useful in a war, instead of what many do and have an 1800tp roster attacking a 3400 defense with field aid.


I personally think only one team should be the defence team at all times. But to promote different element tanks players should be assigned a tank element at the start of the war in the prep phase (the game can just switch their current defence team around by putting the new element in the middle)

This would reduce the overwhelming single element tanks system and promote looking into different tanks. There is certainly a desire i have to use my other tanks that’s for sure…

Edit: Perhaps the game would just cycle each player through the 5 elements and ask the player to knock up 5 defence teams with a different element centre so the player doesn’t have to edit it every war. This idea at least also gives you a more diverse attack option.

Great idea’s here in this thread!


The only thing I see possibly bad about this, is a lot of people are casual players who may not have a whole roster of different colored tanks. While this idea could be awesome for high end players, think of the impact it could have on a lot of players who have maybe 15 decent heroes and a bunch of cannon fodder leftovers…

I like this idea and reckon it would really create a whole new aspect to AW’s.

I already suggested this about half a dozen times over the last 6 months or so but it’s always been rejected as been an idea not worth considering.


Here is an interesting twist.

During the 24hr prep time every participating player sets up 6 teams.

These 6 teams get lock in once War starts.
These teams once locked in are both your defense teams and attacking teams.

Once war starts when you tap on a player, all 6 teams pop up.

You need to find a team to attack out of the 6 which you feel one of your 6 teams can beat.

Once a team dies, it respawns as they do now.
The rest is as is where if you don’t kill a team off then it can be finished off by another team member.

Doing this creates multiple defense teams plus presets attacking teams which means each player would need to create teams that are both great on defence but can also be used for attacking.

I did say a new twist.

This could also be used as a second concept to AW’s and instead of having the same AW’s twice a week, have 1 of the current and one like this type of concept.
Sorta break up the variety a bit


Nice suggestions.

20 more ideas…

@Anchuri I like the idea of having a secondary defense, however I can see how it would cause issues with newer players who do not have hero depth. I think the elemental center is a pretty solid idea though. Have it rotate throughout the weeks. R/G/B/P/Y so it promotes diversity… looks like we are pushing for some EEO in AW now…


I love this idea! I think that doing one war a week regular and one war a week “color of the week” would be really fun.

It means that we don’t totally devalue the hard work alliances have put into their main tanks. But it also means that it will be much harder to plan an optimal static strategy.


Yes, that’s what I was thinking of.

It’s a shame to sit on dozens of nice heroes and always the same rainbow will be the one and only defense.

Haven’t to be a specific color as tank, could also be a given class.

To plan different synergies and test multiple combinations should be real fun and challenging.

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What about class wars?

Fighters and Barbarians against Wizards and Sorcerers.

Format would need to change maybe just 3 flags for the whole war.

Make them Rare Wars with increased chance of mats and the emblems for the associated classes.


You could even have Alliance leaders take turns to pick classes

Yes, everything that will make say every 2nd war a little bit different from those regular ones.

OT: Leaders should also have the possibility for the final strike. All unused flags will be used automatically, like if one hits autofill, autosearch opponent and autobattle. This has to be done during the last 10 minutes of a war and only affect offline members.

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I agree it would definitely cause issues for people with less depth. But the attacking portion of war already does that. With that in mind if war is supposed to be about people’s depth then you can play around with it a bit more. I think you should be able to duplicate your defence team so it is almost as good. Just one hero is the tank now that wasn’t before. So it is only a minor hit to new players if their off-colours are not good tanks.

Attacking in war already heavily punishes new players :frowning:

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Every other war with a gimmick sounds pretty cool, better than field aid. I could see how defenses utilizing only 2 classes would certainly change things up.

This sounds good, though it’s very hard for upgrades, but I like the chronological order for Alliance teamwork!

I don’t like this idea at all, because it doesn’t make sense. It’s a war, not a challenge or a tournament, where special rules could be applied. War is about hitting the enemy and preventing them from hitting you. How would you explain it? “Achilles is sulking, use someone else”? War is a whole alliance fight. What you’re suggesting would make it more individual, which would destroy the purpose. The point is that everyone has the same rules.

However, the color change could be forced by the war effect. In quests, there’s an effect which creates disadvantage to fire heroes. If there were war effects like this rather than “Everyone attacks more” “Everyone gets hit” “Everyone gets healed”, it could make wars more interesting. And it would effect both defending and attacking teams the same. So for example:

  • :blue_heart:; + :heart: Hot day: The war takes place during a hot day.
    – All Ice heroes have their attack reduced by 10 % and their special attacks have a 10 % chance to miss.
    – All fire heroes have their critical strike chance and defense rating increased by 10 %.
  • :heart:; + :blue_heart: Cold day: The war takes place during a very cold day. (:blue_heart: naturally strong against :heart:)
  • :green_heart:; + :blue_heart: Mountain battle: The war takes place in the mountains (Or some other place which is cold and with little nature)
  • :blue_heart:; + :green_heart: Tropical forest battle
  • :heart:; + :green_heart: Swamp battle
  • :green_heart:; + :heart: Desert battle
  • :purple_heart:; + :yellow_heart: Holy land
  • :yellow_heart:; + :purple_heart: Unholy land

Or the buffs/debuffs could have effect on just one element, because coming up with good reasons why nature is at disadvanatage when fire is at advantage but ice is normal is hard :smiley: Also the days should be replaced by a place as well. I wasdeveloping the idea as I was writing.

The buffs/debuffs could change depending on the natural relationship of the elements, so a different buff if the buffed element is naturally strong aganst the debuffed one. Or there could be a pack of small buffs and debuffs and one would randomly get picked.

These effects could be new set of war effects or there could be another war effect, although that might be a bit too much (or replace the originals? :thinking:)

To have some examples of other buffing options:

  • Defense decreased by 10 %
  • Very small amount of damage every turn (poison)
  • Chance to miss 10 %


  • Attack increased by 10 %
  • Very small heal every turn
  • Reflect 10 % damage

This actually seems to be a completely new suggestion.

Yeah, I realised that and I’m thinking of posting it separately :smiley: I’m afraid your original idea would discourage casual players from playing the game.

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