War battle stuck after losing internet connection

I was in a war battle. Near the end if the battle I started to see the WiFi signal on the screen as if I was losing connection. After the battle the game dumped me for bad connection. I got credit for those war points but my battle was stuck (and still is, 9 hours later) so my team was unable to reset the other team. My account number is ****** version 3.0.2 869. This has been mentioned as an issue in the past by others.

War is long over and it’s still stuck!

There was this thread a while ago.

I also edited your post as you put your account number. The account number is yours it’s not wise to share with others. :wink:

Mine booted me again. No internet problems, zero points, lost flag AND my heroes are unavailable AGAIN!!! WTF? I spend money on this game, fix it!

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