War awards assignment?

Hi all,

how the awards are distributed after a won war? I mean: do I have more chance to receive better awards with 600 points respect to another player of my ally with 100 points or is the same?


As far as I know, it is completely random with no increase in drops according to war score.

Only war chest will give a higher drop rate with participation in all wars over only participating in some of the wars.


As @Astvinr said. From my experience, it is totally random. I win every single war (actually I lost one in 2019), and many times my co-leader or my alt account have much better loot.


Thanks Astvinr for your quickly replay :grinning:

I imagined it was like this because in this way there are no penalties for players that open the opponent and players that defeat him…but it is still totally unfair lose for timeout :rage:

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