War automatically turned off

Does anybody know if the war is automatically turned off if a member did not use all his flags for an X number of times? Kicking is not our preferred option.

Nop it’s not.

Ps: looks like à good a idea to implement although

If the player uses at least one flag, he is considered “active”.
After two wars with 0 attacks, his war checkmark is automatically disabled.
But he can enable it again whenever he wants.



This is what I’ve been told.

If you have a member who is just “gone” for a week or so, doesn’t use any flags at all in two wars, they should automatically get opted out before the third war.

If, on the other hand, you have a member who is using “some” flags, they will continue to be opted in and you have no way to manually opt them out.

If they are doing this repeatedly, it is time for one of you to have a serious conversation with that member. And unfortunately consider the possibility that you might end up having to kick them as a last resort.

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I can confirm that after not doing anything for 2 war it is NOT turned off automatically. He was online between wars, but I guess that should not matter since he did nothing for the war…

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I have a possible suggestion… note that I have NO idea if this is true or not, it just popped into my head as I was reading this.

WHAT IF the person in question has been online, and has chosen to manually uncheck and then re-check their war checkbox to purposely stay in? I would assume that doing so would keep them in successive wars even if they don’t attack.

Keep in mind, that’s assuming quite a bit here, but I’m wondering if that’s a possibility. Discussion with the member is the best course. We have a couple of players who don’t make their attacks on a regular basis, and we recently kicked one… the others are probably up for consideration for the same soon. We’re down to 20 members though, maybe we should try to recruit. :wink:

Good gaming!

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Possible that they did what @Fizban said. Just as @Alberto1 pointed out, the game is supposed to uncheck the box if the person doesn’t participate… but they can always recheck it again themselves. There is nothing stopping them from doing that.

Which, to me personally, if someone in my alliance was intentionally opting into wars and also intentionally not participating in wars? That would be something I would have to take action on.

You really need to have a talk with that member, and ask them what’s going on.

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