War attacks , damage mana speed and Scoring

During war hits had Thorn do 1500 damage to 3 of my heros, thats 1500 each. Also had an attack and defeated 4 of there heros, after defeat, the team was all back and all the heros were at full health. Manna speed for the other team was twice as fast as mine with eaquil heros and troops. I cant add a pic right now , cant upload it.

If an entire enemy team is defeated during an alliance war, that entire team is ‘reborn’ and refreshed, to permit further hitting/scoring.

As for mana speed, that’d be odd.

Yes they do respawn after a specified time, not immediantly after the battle and one hero was still there.

The respawn is immediate when an entire alliance’s teams are defeated. Sounds like what you’re describing, apart from the one hero remaining.

Really difficult to draw anything from an almost intangible matter. I hope screenshots are available. Thorne damage 1500 each to the target and nearby? Wow. Mana speed of the enemy team twice as fast as yours? Maybe a new war modifier only implemented in your war.

Yes my alliance is that special we get our own modifiers lol. No! It happened intangible or not.

only bug from past war I’ve noticed is costume hero power dispalyed being incorrect(teammate pointed it out this morning)

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