War attack

2nd time it happens when I’m attacking game freezes. No internet issues but game glitch. I killed the tank and had a good shot at winning but got a zero…so frustrating!

I have a similar problem. For some reason righr after I began attack, game froze. No internet or phone issues AT ALL.
I shut down the game and logged back on, theres only a little time left,
and I cant attack ANYONE because its STUCK in Attack-mode…
AND I lost a flag!!:rage:


Same thing happened to me. We lost war by 5 points because of the bug. Connection issue, restarted app, restarted phone and still not working. Game showed me attacking and i lost the flag

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This happened to someone in my alliance too. She had kill 3 opposing heroes and was in position for the win. Zero points! She was pretty upset…

I suggested she file a support ticket so it can be looked at.

Options > support > support > technical help

Same thing happened to me…
As soon as I pressed Attack, the game kicked me out(connection error). When I came back my team was engaged with the team and l couldn’t get back into the battle and it made it so I couldn’t use my other flags before the war ended :-(. Also it wasn’t counted on POV (war attack).

In my alliance had happened the same error and we lost the war due to that! The second picture is taken for the same member of the alliance that is fighting…

Exact same thing just happened to me

I’ve used my flag in war but the game got stuck. Now it doesn’t show on my path of valor that I have used that flag.

That is an almost certain question for support because that is inconsistent. Even though you lost the fight you should have got something for participation.

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