War Attack Issues

A member of mine was able to flip the board. I was looking at the same team and making a team for it. I went to do something and it didn’t timeout or remove me from it. So when I came back, it let me continue making the team and attack and I defeated the team and it didn’t give me all the points but took my flag. Unfortunately, I don’t have a video or pictures to prove it because I didn’t expect it to happen it happened between 6:50pm - 7:15pm New York, USA time.

What do you mean by didn’t give you all the points?

How many should you have gotten, and how many did you get? These are things you can get screenshots of after.

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I should have gotten 52 points but it only gave me 32. Also, that team member who attacked the same team I was looking at said that no green light was on next to my name and I was removed. I’m just wondering why it let me continue from where I left off instead of taking me to my base? I mean, I obviously timed out but I had no way of knowing.

The heroes doesnt gain mana durring attack in war

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