War attack, game buggs

Helo there, i would to report a bug in warattack. I finished the attack, destroyed opponent and when it was over i was returned to battlefield and the loadig circle and the image shoving im still attacking the opponent appeared. When i exited and reentered the battlefield my score showed up and it was 0. So basicily i wasted my attack scoring 0 points. I also have a video of that. I was on 4G Lte, so.my wifi didnt drop.

The same thing also happend to me a while ago, attacking titan. I was normaly attacking titan, when1:30 has passed, nothing happene, timer just frozed at 0:00. So i had to.close the game and ofcourse there was 0 points on titan


I had simmilar problem - when I created team and pushed attack i’ve only saw rounded circle and nothing else.Aftee few minutes I didn’t had my best team - it “was used”, loose one attack without any damage on the enemy team and no points.

Same problem to me last AW. I’m no game coder but this made me eyeroll hard, and think they really need to change the “depletion of roster” and “depletion of flag” action data transfer AT the end with the points logging action… if the system hangs or something this would stop the annoying LOSS without any reward because of “technical issues”.

The most likely result of charging the points at the end instead of the beginning will be people disconnecting in the middle of a losing fight so that they can get a free reroll.
I agree that there needs to be improvement in the connectivity, but just changing the time in the attack sequence that the energy points are charged will open up a whole different can of worms.


This happened to me as well. I attacked an opponent in the war and won, but afterwards it looked like I was still attacking. Also the entire game was stuck so I had to do a hard reset to get out. When I logged back in my apponent was undefeated and I got 0 points from the attack. This happened at approximately 21:30 (CEST). I’ll ad a screenshot of the 0 points. I’m NaySlayer, my opponent was called Alkirone

I’ve also the same situation in War. I win and it was circle without any effects. After restart game I have 0 points.

It’s more likely an issue with your connection, my wife experienced the same thing (on a much better device) because the wifi at the location we were at wasn’t as stable as my mobile data… And I had no issues.

If this keeps happening to you then make sure you’re on a more stable connection. It has occurred for players since before the introduction of alliance wars and is not a bug.

Actually this was a bug in beta, so why are you so sure it isn’t a bug now?

Coding when left alone doesn’t change its behavior. If it was a bug since beta the following wouldn’t be true :

  1. Same issue in titan fights dating back to October of last year.
  2. Bug would have been seen with the same amount of frequency.
  3. When my wife and I play at the exact same time, the exact same part of game coding (alliance wars) where the only deviation is the set of heroes and our personal connection preference… We would both experience the problem anyways.

Translation: I also just attacked … in the war I won the match and did not even count the victory as the points for the attack but the energy is normally consumed and the heroes are rendered useless

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I had this happen - on wifi at home, 4 of 4 attacks in a row. I have screen shots showing my battle ongoing while I am able to initiate another fight - at first I was locked out entgirely, after a few minutes I was able to cnavas the field again and initiate another fight. I would have tried to if I had a flag. Top right is battle error. Bottom one is after waiting a few minutes (you can see me in war without the loading) and top left is me entering another battle (which I had no flags for). We ended up losing by a few hundred to this could have been meaningful if it counted (I took out 80% of them, got credit for none).



Post video please, and contact Game Support, referring them to this thread, or to your video.


@tewz I think Rook was directing the video request to you.

It happend to me as well.

My alliance has a bit different problem , when we attack the game is glitching by switching off and the battle is not recorded but we cant use the tean which we pick for the fight

Translation: Hello ditto for me, I had the same problem today at 11:45. I engaged in the war twice and I was ejected for a server connection problem I lost my two keystrokes. So for these two strikes My score is zero. Thank you for doing the necessary.

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This just happened to me. Won the fist battle with my chosen attack formation and followed up with two smaller attacks on another player. A check if the score sheet shows the points for the last two but the first battle has 0 points.

Also my opponent is not showing as dead and has full health on all cards.

No connection issues here.

Same thing happening in the current war. Le leader of my ally has already attacked and killed the opponent team but the score isn’t showing and we still see him in combat. He can’t move from the war field because he’s afraid he will lose the attack. Pls let us know what are we supposed to do in this case? Ty.
He Just moved and Lost the points and the Attack. As he never did It.

It sucks but when this happens the attack is lost so may as well ‘rip off the bandaid’ when it happens. It is such a bummer. Happened 3 wars in a row for me…

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