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Looking for optimal Titan’s killing squad (3/4 star heroes)

The safest bet for me has been to double up against a titan’s weakness, cutting out the hero who is disadvantaged by the titan’s strength. (So two reds against a green, cutting out the blue.) The only exception being a dark titan—it seems you always want Wu Kong, even if he’s disadvantaged, against titans.

The best standard (non-event) four-star titan-hitters are probably…

Fire - Gormek, Kelile
Nature - Caedmon, Melendor
Ice - Grimm, Sonya
Dark - Tiburtus, Sabina
Holy - Wu Kong, Chao

If you don’t wanna use banners, you can swap in Kiril or Boldtusk as needed.

Good lineup, @Cpt.Ahab. Some thoughts:

I wouldn’t want Gormek, Grimm and Tibertus on the same team, since their debuffs don’t stack.

I would prefer Scarlett to Kelile. Her attack stat is much higher, and her ability to debuff the titan’s attack can be a lifesaver. Many people like Boldtusk as the primary red, for his attack buff as much as the healing. Combined with Wu Kong’s special, it’s a huge boost.

There’s a real question about whether a healer is worth bringing in at all. I think not, if you’ve got potions. So, my core team, with doubled in parens, might be:

Fire - Scarlett (Kelile / Gormek)
Nature - Caedmon (Skittleskull / Peters)
Ice - Sonya (Grimm)
Dark - Tibertus (Sabina)
Holy - Wu Kong (Chao)

The second nature is tough. Skittleskull has a high attack stat and useful attack debuff, so I might use him. In fact I’ve got Cabin Boy Peters, whose Silence special is very handy, but I realize that’s not a generally available hero.

I’d be sure to include one or two of Grimm/Tibby/Gormek in the lineup.


I’m reading many good things about Scarlett, for now mine is at lv 37 (2/4 ascension, 7/8 special) and I’m thinking about making she up to lv 60 3/4 ascension.

Should I aim to lv 70 with her or the ascension items are wasted to you?

Scarlett isn’t on my priority list for hidden blades, but that’s mostly because I’m mostly working on 5* heroes these days except with an eye to the challenge events. Among the 4* red, I would put Gormek and Falcon higher, both for their defense debuff. Guardian Falcon is extremely good paired with another red (e.g. Marjana or Natalya) against titans. Boldtusk and Colen are probably next behind them. If I draw Natalya, Lancelot or both this weekend, that will likely rearrange my priorities.

I like Scarlett, I have her maxed, but I find her a bit Squishy. Pair her with a good healer (or stand by with potions).


Hi guys, in your opinions wich hero should I ascend just after the one I pulled this week?
(Boldtusk, Gormek, Sir Lancelot and Merlin, they will all go to 4/70 in that order)

  • Mainly for Alliance Wars purposes.
  • Ascension limit: 3/60

To be honest, I never looked at Scarlett as an option for anything until I watched Zero’s event video walkthrough. He said she has one of the highest tile damages so she can be a valuable asset. This is all contingent on what level titan you are going against. She may be beneficial for me to stack because in the Alliance I am in, we never get anything higher than a 6* but I don’t think she would be very effective against the higher titans because she probably wouldn’t last long.

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That’s a good list. I would put Merlin second on the list ahead of gormek. You’ve already got the other two pulverizers and Merlin brings a unique and awesome ability to the party.

As to Scarlett, even after she dies her tile damage lives on, so definitely not wasted as a hero. She’s also fast, so you should be able to get her attack debuff off at least once.

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As I thought, I were planning on levelling her before my lucky draws.
High attack and fast specials are the way to go :wink: