War: Anyone else notice this

When I raid, Hit titans, Farm, etc…tile matches and cascades happen frequently.

Managing tile layouts to maximize effect on the other areas of the game led to massive damage.

In war. 5 out of 6 attacks it’s connect 3…connect 3…connect 3…no cascades and the occasional double.

Is the tile generator algorithm different?
It seems that only in war I can’t get anything going. My current and previous alliance agree as well…not a one disagrees.

I doubt it, the programmer’s mindset would be to reuse code as much as possible.

And I’ve had good combo runs in AW and most often when farming in the map. Not so much in Titan hits, so I’m guessing the RNG is honest.

Yeah, it’s all the same code. Gotten plenty of combos in war.

I agree it’s all the same code, but wouldn’t be so sure that there aren’t configurable values in the code that allow for increased likelihood matches and combos under appropriate conditions.

It is a fairly common feature of match 3 games that easy levels will have high probability of matches and harder levels have a lower probability. I would be surprised if SG does not have some sort of control over this.

That said, I have not noticed a difference between war and raids. I have felt a difference between map levels and raids/war. But I do not trust my own experience and I would not be convinced that there is a difference unless and until the devs announced it or a significant effort was made to collect data from a large number of raids and war battles to verify or confirm. I think it’s a lot more likely that the arrows produce a need for combos so their absence is noted. They also shorten battles from raids so there are fewer opportunities for serendipitous combos to come.

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My last alliance prior to disbanding had an 80% w/l ratio. And we all were about to give up on it since it wasn’t enjoyable. Felt very tedious just chipping away then getting cranked by the arrow volley.

To add a bit more. Which adds to the frustration and take out much of the enjoyment.

I find that in war. I’m working from the bottom of the board much more.
Often times hoping for a reshuffle…With the board layout never really affording the option for that gamble slot to get plugged with a big match.

Crazy thing I’ve always placed in the top 25 (often top 5)…and if I’m cranky about it…i can’t imagine how others are feeling.

(our alliance is on the cusp of the top 100…my last alliance was top 500 )

In war you just have way less turns because of arrows… that might shorten the number of combos a bit