War and Titan Mongers hoping to grow!

Come grow with our dedicated team of diverse players from around the world! War and Titan Mongers are currently taking down 6* and 7* titans. We have coordinated war strategies to maximize points by working together. It’s so fun to get stronger together… all respectful, dedicated players are welcome!! Regardless, may you all stay safe, healthy and blessed in these crazy times!

Hi. Me, my husband and my son are all looking to join another team. We are dedicated daily titan fighter’s the majority of our team are not. We are all level 30-35. Problem is im a idiot with this forum stuff so Im not sure how you can reach me so i’ll look back later. Names Denise Thanks

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@DeniseG Your would all be welcome! Please join us! Search War and Titan Mongers in alliance search and come join our team! Looking forward to growing stronger together

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