War and titan loot need to improve to keep up with raid tournament

So first week of raid tournament, have to say very disappointing. This movement of so called ‘fairness’ has created another form of extreme unfairness. Look at the leaderboard, lots of guys there are new players with less than 1500 cups.

It’s a very nice and welcoming change that these guys now have a chance for top awards. But the fact they can collect better rewards than people taking out 10 twelve star titans and win many wars are just plain wrong and could potentially kills this game.

Fairness mean the more you progress in this game the better rewards you’ll get. But this week’s tournament is the opposite of this. All you need is some maxed slow mana 4 star aoe attackers and counterers, you will get best awards for sure. It takes very little effort to build rosters like these.

On the other hand, it takes people years of grinding and tons of money to build a deep bench of 5 star rosters to do well on everyday leaderboard, titan, and war. For what? Very little return!

Burning through tornados and loads of items color stack the best heros in this game, you get A or A+ on a 12 star titan, then you get some strong ropes and leather armors. How ironic, don’t even get me to start about war loot considering the effort needed.

Now, all of sudden, a level 25 guy with 1500 cups can end up on top of raid tournament leaderboard and collect awards as good as winning an event. What a slap on the face.

If this trend continues, people will be discouraged to get 5 star heros and level them, will be discouraged to hit titan and participate in war. After all, your colen earns your better rewards than 30 maxed five stars now. As a matter of fact, people will be indifferent to get these rewards anymore because you don’t need better heros anymore. People will get bored of this game very fast.


Maybe only 1 in 5 of the tournaments will be 4* limited. Maybe a lot of the 4* limited ones will be restricted in other ways that will benefit a big bench player.

SG just chose the most inclusive restriction to start off tournaments , so every one could have fun without moans about class\color\speed\star shortages.


Yes It’s only the first week, but my point is just do not create another form of unfairness while chasing fairness. And it’s really a fact that titan and war loot sucks.


I think it’s worth noting for the context of this discussion that SGG has acknowledged there are currently problems with Tournament matchmaking, which is a lot of why points are ended up distributed the way they are in this first Tournament.

See also: [KNOWN ISSUE] Raid Tournament Defense Grade Low Due to Not Being Attacked - Staff Response Post #7

  1. This is the first tournament with a special rule. Next time maybe 5* are possible to use and then it will mostly the same as ever.

  2. This is the first tournament (yeah, sounds familiar). In beta there was not even the half of the people as now. It is hard to test something with only a handful of people. SG will for sure improve our experience with this tournaments. Be patient.

  3. Let this loot for some new players for once. You will not die after this. Keep cool and wait.

  4. This is only loot for one week. Top players kill Titans daily with good loot. Not as good as the tournament, but well it is daily.


Definitely looking forward to see improvement as this is something very new. Yes new source of rewards are more than welcome and rewards based on percentage is a great design. But people with deep bench 5 stars need to be rewarded as it takes lots and lots of effort and money to get these. So excluding 5 star is just not a good idea

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Point taken, but we do need some better loots from titan and war.


Me too! And it’s definitely not working properly yet.

There are lots of places in the game that reward deep 5* benches. Raid Tournaments will too, in weeks that allow 5* heroes.

Other weeks will reward deep 4* or 3* benches. We might even see 2* and 1* Tournaments, like those tested in beta.


Even if it stays like that, weekly tournament loot is random too, so you can have better rewards even placing in a lower tier.

I don’t see your point.


Tim said they want uses for 1* to 5*, which is why 1* heroes have classes. We know 1* Tourneys are coming, it will be interesting to see if other uses for my Sigrunn 1*+20 .


Thought they did away with 1* & 2* tournaments due to the negative roster effects it would have on newer players and even other players

Encouraging players to spend resources on feeders heros for only 1 aspect of the game instead of 3, 4, or 5* heros that can be used in every aspect of the game just sounds like a bad idea to me, especially when resources are pretty limited for new players as is.

You really want new players maxing sharan and layla instead of bane and grimm?


I maxed Sharan and Layla when I was a new player. Eventually I ate them. Now I wish I hadn’t.

I think it’s more an issue of roster space to hold onto the 1* and 2* heroes than the feeder resources for them — unless they start spending right away, new players typically end up with a fair number of leveled 1* and 2*. And they’re quite quick to level, so it’s not a major loss on progress to have a handful or so of each.

If they gave everyone an extra 10-20 roster spaces for free I’d be happy with that as a reasonable solution.


I’ll be sure and level 1*, 2*, and 3* heros to use once a month, maybe twice instead of leveling 4* and 5* heros that get used daily for titans, wars, daily raids, and world map

Going as low as 3*, understandable

1* and 2* is taking it too far and going from “fun” to “ridiculous”

Hate to be the one bein all “negative” and what not

But myself and a large population of the player base had high hopes and expectations of these tournaments, and some of us still do

But after this 1st one was so disappointing, i think telling players to level 1 and 2* would be the nail in the coffin for most. I could be wrong but idk anyone that wants to dump ham and feeders into feeders.


While 1*/2* Tournaments were tested in beta, who knows if they’ll actually ever happen.

If they do, you might choose to skip those tournaments. But I think newer players already have leveled 1* and 2* anyway, so they might as well have a use for them.


Emblems and mats involved, idk anyone sitting these things out. Especially if it doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes to use all flags each day

Keep in mind it would encourage players to level 1 and 2* troops as well, which has always been in the top 5 donts in advice to new players


I agree, I bet people will do them for the potential loot.

Here’s another perspective: everyone can easily get every 1* and 2* hero, and maxing them is fairly trivial. Even embleming them isn’t a giant investment if you really want to go crazy.

With an even playing field on hero selection, and no massive special skills, those Tournaments will be influenced by tile play skill more than usual, which I think will make them interesting and fun (at least for me).


We will see how it plays out

Honestly if SG wanted to do this, i think it would be better as a separate new player competition with a level cap for entrants

Otherwise you would see level 60+ players just mopping the floor with newer players

We know how far behind new players are when they start now anyways, so make the loot things that could help them catch up a little

That would be my suggestion


I think that’s a reasonable idea, and would give newer players a better shot, since more experienced players presumably have better tile skills and understanding of color stacking and hero synergies that would all still translate to 1*/2* Tournaments.

I saw several people in beta make similar suggestions.


It is at the same time ridicolous but very fair.

Right now 1* and 2* are the only heroes without any limited time hero, and their specials doesn’t have any great effect.

In beta it was great fun battle with them, but i agree they just take away too much space.

If Small Giant will gift players with more for free, it’ll be sure people love these two events.


Competitive versus fun

My 1* lvl 2 and 2* lvl 4 troops look at you funny.

It seems from most of the people on the forums that most competitive people have trouble with 1* / 2* heroes and troops.

1* / 2* heroes and troops are literally the only part of the game not behind a gem paywall and with a very very low RNG paywall.

I am quite excited about more uses for my Sigrunn 1*+20 and Imperial Strikers 1* lvl 2 .

Level cap

I will in all serious, rage quit for at least 60 days if this is implemented.

I find it interesting that when I suggested Baby titans, a way to have 50% of titans available to defeat with 3* heroes ( who have fewer gem paywall or RNG paywall restrictions), the forum destroyed me.

But let use compromise.

Just like Challenge events have tiers, add level tiers to Tourneys. Level 1-20, 21-40, 41-60 and 61+ are divided into separate groups for the tourney.


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