War and Raids this weekend

Is anyone else noticing that on that one flag from 6 where you get any tiles at all that there appears to be an problem where your special does not seem to do any damage?
I know everyone says it SG but your sucking the fun from this game, there is a difference between random and Russian Roulette,…you can come back from one.

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Sounds like a bug, suggest putting in a support ticket. Have you got a video or screenshot?

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No, not currently will record last flag and get the others to do the same if there any devices not in 1,000s of pieces

Are you sure it wasn’t absorbed by minions and/or max hp limit increase?

Yep 100% no minions and happened to more than just me

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I have found out that in raids I can’t win hardly at all. It’s like I can’t generate any Mana. I don’t get the tiles I need. I’ve changed up the teams and still have trouble. In my inventory I have over 130 times to target an opponent. I don’t enjoy losing all the time.
So I just keep piling up the raid energy in hopes that something will change.
To me this is the worst part of the game.
Not fun loosing all the time

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There has to be glitch or a bug as I’ve had heroes lose mana and it wasn’t against Valhalla heroes

This could be just the effect of a realm bonus…

Haven’t realized any suspicious lately and doubt that there is a major bug. Any evidence (screenshot or video) would help a lot to see if there is really a problem. :wink:

In War I can see it must be the same both sides just because the scores are tragic, just means 60 p*sssed off people not just me!!!

It comes in waves, tomorrow will be ok, then next weekend reach for the Valium…no consistency

Yes i noticed it. I know it is not accidental thats why i decided to not let SG frustrates me or affect me .

solution? i went from 2500 cups to 1800 with a 3* star defense. Yes , i dont want to abuse from people with less power but sg pushes me to drop cups

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Well, i am undecided if this will turn into a complaint thread or a conspiracy theory?! :crazy_face:

Please provide any reliable evidence, that proves it is not just your subjective feeling. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I don’t have feelings?! Other than frustration perhaps! As above I will try and record my next few flags and get some of the members to do the same.

I hear you Mack, but I can’t bring myself to cup drop, although plenty do!

Yes there are some raids you simply can’t win. And sometimes the opposite, raids you can’t lose.

It often happen to me that i lose exactly enough to not be able to fill my raid chest.
I don’t know how many times i ended raid energy with 39 heroes on the chest, and so many times with that last hero almost killed (and stangely resist to my attacks).

I can almost insta-tell when i’m going to lose.

My opponent slash attacks are somewhat stronger, my heroes get killed exactly the turn they are charged, unfortunate combos charge heroes i didn’t want to trigger.

At first i thought it was just coincidence, but now it happen so many times that is obvious there’s something going on.

I don’t know why Small Giant programmed it (maybe i have an idea about it) but i don’t let it frustrate me.

When it happen, smile and keep going.


@Elpis it’s mad right? A dozen flags yesterday to get a dozen kills, I normally sit 2700+ and I dropped into gold yesterday, again not just me, all but 2 of our alliance, so clearly it’s nor RNG as it’s happening to all of us. It’s not encouraging people to stay or spend if there’s no enjoyment…

Yes, there seems to be some “trends” on this, i notice on raid tournament too.
My “unfortunate” raids seems to coincide with others unfortunates raids against my defence.
In other words, it’s like on specific days raid tournament is “harder”.

But that’s even for the opposite.

It seems some days i’m gonna win no matter how weaker compared to the defender i am.

I know that bad things are easier to remember, but i try to stay as real as i can.

What it seems to me is that yes, board may be RnG, but win-lose ratio are not so random.

And knowing this company behaviour for other things, i’m not so surprised.

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Was absolutely normal so far. About 70% win rate. Usually it differs from 60 to 80 %. I wasn’t experiencing any bugs or issues.

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