War and raid scoring is janky

Now everytime I am on here notice you guys are like support a lot of vague references to prevents and scoring well give me a list because it is bs. Convinced my alliance to field unleveled defense teams we each tried to go lower than the other. Guess what they clobbered us on scoring none of you can explain nor justify teams from 2000 to over 3000 power getting scores of 70 to a 100 for taking out 800 and 900 power teams yet just got through taking out a 2347 team in war with a 2410 team got 51 points took their first hero out so fast first tiles she is the ghost girl seriously thought she had went ghost form just could not see her. Now there is no justification I should get like a 1000 points barely damaged my team kicked the stuffing out of them but could score no where near the 2400 to 3000 power teams taking out unlabeled one stars it happened screw the pics and yards yada my whole alliance knows it. So I want to know how much I need to pay to get fair wars and raids or does this post mean I can expect more of the same eat it it happened

Why would you do this? You just handed your opponents the war for free.

There are 1500 points per side allocated among the teams on that side, no matter how strong or weak you are. Points are allocated to teams based on their proportion of Health, not Team Power.

Sounds like you tried to find a way to take an unfair advantage and learned a tough lesson. Next war, definitely field the strongest defenses you can.


“Cup dropping” doesn’t work in AW, unless you are deliberately losing and lowering your war score. It doesn’t matter what your war defense team is for the matching process, that is based on your 30 top heroes per participating member. The top 5 heroes add a bonus to the score based on the assumption they are the ones you will use for your defense. The actual defense team you set up is not even considered as matching has already concluded by that stage. So it’s no wonder you were facing much stronger defense teams than yours that were deliberately weakened.

If 30 teams all about same level then they are each worth around 50 points (1500/30). If there’s a spread the stronger teams (relative to rest of the alliance) are worth more. It is NOT relative to absolute team power though, only to relative health level within your alliance teams.

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Now go apologize to your team mates for not understanding that you created a terrible beating.

Put your best possible defense teams forward.

Seems like you already have a response. But I do love the use of the word “janky.” I haven’t heard that word in years, maybe two decades. Is it making a comeback? Where are you from? Am I just out of it? Next thing I know, people will be going “psych!!!”


Oh, it is back alright. It came back disguised as designer jeans which look like they lost a fight with a lawnmower. Psych!


♫Get janky with it♫

Exactly you did not read I can wipe them out lose no health and not score as much so what is the next answer

Look what all the brainiacs have not addressed is that you go to the info on a war it tells you what a team is worth if you defeat them anyone if you show me a picture of a 900 hundred team being worth 100 plus points if you defeat them but it happened to me no one with any intelligence can answer with anything besides this is wrong send all your pics of 3500 hundred plus teams that are worth 60 or so for defeating the game gurus are wrong period

If my understanding of war mechanics are correct, the combined total of an opponent’s entire defense team should equal roughly 1500 at the start of the war. If they have 30 teams of equal HP, each team should be worth about 50 points. If some teams have higher health than others, the higher teams might have values of 75 while the lower teams might only be worth 25. Those point totals can go up if your opponents level up their defense teams while the war is in progress. In a smaller war of 10 vs. 10 of equal level teams, each team would be worth 150 points. The fewer teams in the war, the more points each defense team is worth.

The points gained from defeating a defense team are not based on the team power level of the teams; the actual calculation is more like 1500 divided by the number of defense teams, then adjusted slightly up or down based on that team’s overall health (not TP) in comparison to the other members on that team. If that makes sense.

… oh and raid trophy scoring is based on how many trophies your opponent has vs. how many you have, not on their defense team power.

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Why are you equating tram power with how many points they’re worth? It doesn’t work that way. It’s never worked that way.

The formula for how much a team is worth is:

1500 Ă— (total team defense health Ă· total alliance defense health)

You’re matched up vs other alliances based on:

  • everyone’s top 30 hero power totaled, with the top 5 weighted heavier.
  • top troop of each color for every team
  • past performance

There you go, now you can help your alliance.

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Umm exactly who are you wiping out, your alliance teammates? Because they are the ones with the weak teams from what you have said.

In one war to beat me on one shot would get you 87 points, Defence team all 4/70 4*
On the oppersite team some dude with 5* maxed some with emblems to beat him with on each shot 91 points. Plus I was level 26 he was above 50 how does that work?

Because at the end of your explanation now we can tell in the next war doing it normal that your explanation falls apart regular power teams so what you have said is no matter what I could have free access to any hero adjust their level at will but the game decided their victories would be worth more than mine that is what has been stated which is bs

I know it doesn’t make sense at first, I complained about the same thing. The point calculations are not based on your individual team power, each alliance is worth the same number of points overall and divided up amongst each member based on how many health points each defense team has. If your opponent’s teams are stronger overall, they’re still going to be worth the same number of points as a weaker team on your alliance.

No, I don’t think it’s fair, but that’s how it works. I may be a [insulting name used by OP removed by zephyr1], but I took the time to try to understand the game’s mechanics. Doesn’t mean I agree with them, but at least now I know why I sometimes get fewer points and trophies even when I face higher level teams.

I explained to you exactly how the points for each team are calculated.

It has nothing to do with team power.
It has nothing to do with player level.
It has nothing to do with hero power.
It has nothing to do with emblem level.
It has nothing to do with what your team was worth in a previous war.
It has nothing to do with what anyone else is worth in any war.

You are complaining about something you don’t understand. It’s time consuming but you can calculate exactly what each team is worth using the formula I posted a few posts up.

Hey, now, don’t go trying to post braniac logic type stuffs, OP has already concluded that we are [insulting name used by OP removed by zephyr1] He lose war, he lose trophies, how you explain that? Just like he say, we [removed again]. :laughing:

My favorite part of is there were 5 to 6 months in between posts to think about this

Soo the 1500 is divided between the whole team then if you have a higher hp your worth a more points than me and people below me get a lower points because of there hp?
And points will change depending on how many people are taking part.

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