War and Raid defense hits are random or?

I dont know if anyone noticed, especially in war defenses, opponent defense are very clever. At this point I really wonder if hits are random or in an algorithm. For about 2 or 3 months, titan hits and war defense hits are very aimed for you to lose. They hit to same group of heroes and make you disarmed. For example titans usually hit miki twice, tarlak twice, or if you have nordri and brienne they hit them first with single hit and they are out.
Is it supposed to be that way or hits are random? Can someone please explain?


Probably there is an algorithm with some random factor, but not totally random. And of course the hits are aimed to make player lose - that is the idea of the defense after all :wink:
But the aiming algorithm is not very good, for sure it selects some heroes to be attacked more, probably based on heroes stats ant special types (eg healers are more often attacked), but it does not look at buffs and ailments the heroes have.

Cherry picking. You’re just noticing the moves that hurt. The shots that target your hero that just filled their mana bar stick out. So you think they’re targeted. Count the shots that don’t. You’ll find about 20% of them hit their mark.

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Please do not comment without watching the video. Marjana hits the same spot, dr hits the same spot. All of them hits joon, deandre never shot in the first 6 turn. Make video about your war and titan hits then you will notice the same. I do it and I say that there is an algorithm not random.

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Just makes the battle more challenging. If it were easy then I would assume most of us would get bored very quickly. At least I would

It is random when someone attacks your team. When you use a raid or war flag, the defense attacks you with superior AI.

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They like to hit my healer when his health is low. Rigard…no….

I am curious. When I raid others many have defensive formations. How do I get those or put them in place?

Formations are unlocked by building a hero academy.

From what i remember, i think that it is supposed to be that way; they made an update once where they improved AI in def/Titans/maps to make them more challenging.
So it‘s not random!

However it is programmed it will be an algorithm. It could be a very basic algorithm where everything is completely random… but that is not quite how it behaves. I believe it has some rules and some priorities built in, but within that there is a large amount of randomness too. That is why at times you will find the enemy fire is concentrated on certain heroes and at other times you find attacks hitting your invulnerable heroes or hitting for 1 instead of 3.

Overall I would say it does not rate very highly in terms of smarts.