War and raid def help

I’m a med fish(6deep@4000) in a small pond(alliance war score is nearly what scarecrow does for one war2500-4000)). I got 5for 6 6for 6 in war. I’,m one of the two anchors that hopefully makes it difficulty to flip the board but is still happens. My present Def team for war which I use for raid is:

SeShat+1, ViVi+1, Evelyn +3, Drake +6, Marijana+3. I am looking to buff the may anchor so my smaller member have an better chance. All are 4-80/4-70 only emblem level given

Purp: Sartana, Khiona+1,Rigrad+19, Sabrina+19, Proteus+11
yell: Orthathal, Leo, Joon, Jackel, Gretel +5
Blue: Grimm+20, Kiril+20, Trition+7,Sonya+20+C,Iscarnia, Thorne
Green:Moragan+8, Lianna+3,Hansel+16, Melendor+19,Caedman+14
Red; BT+20+c, Zimmkitty+2, Scarlet+19,Anzogh,Gromel,Wilber,Kjagan, Mits(4-40)

First Question:
does your alliance run coordinate War Defences?

If not my suggestion might be:
Zimkitha - Onatel - Seshat - Drake Fong - Morgan Le Fay

Zimkitha - Seshat - Drake Fong / Onatel - Sartana - Morgan Le Fay

I wish I could get them on board to at least pick two color for the tank but not working. Any suggestion on how to twist arm would be nice

OOh is see what you did in flanking the tank with the app color. I really dont like facing that

In my opinion there isn’t a huge amount of benefit in coordinating the Defence Tank if it means weakening the defences… It really only has benefit in the higher alliances where people have options & multiple heroes maxed out.

Even then however, it doesn’t have a huge impact… I found that the team/alliance defence did BETTER by just allowing people to set their best defence possible than to coordinate tanks… and that was in a Top 200 alliance.

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???And build out def/att emblems one Zim, Seshat, Drake and Morgan, not Ornath???

You have a very nice bench there.

I see that several of your 4s have 19/20 talents, even though you have 5s in the same class that could use them. That’s a choice made to strengthen your bench total, and a good one in my opinion. However - I think it may work against your original stated goal of creating an “Anchor” team - one that eats flags and is the last to go before a flip.

If you want a hard anchor, I’d pick your best team (that’s tough w/ your roster!) and consolidate talents on your defense team 5’s - I’m guess you’d be able to take them to +10 or higher. I absolutely love my highly emblemed 4’s, and it’s hard to demote them, but on a few occasions now, I decided to go all-in on a 5 to make them as tough as possible. Sorry Tiburtus, those are Finley’s toys now.

+20 Chef BT is better than half the 5*s anyway.

Sorry not sure what you mean here.

Regarding emblems, my advice is ALWAYS emblem whoever gives you the most versatility & usefullness.

If you use a hero heaps against raids, titans, defence etc… then emblem them.

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sometime I have a hard time seeing which reply is to which statement

My depth is part of the problem,(too may choices) finding a “forever team” to push the emblems is the struggle besides want to protect my alliance

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Honestly… Be selfish.

If the alliance starts winning more, the opponents will get harder and you’ll be back feeling the same again.

If the emblems help you more in other areas of the game then do it - by sitting in a lesser alliance than you could (should?) you’re already helping these guys with your experience and by helping boost their titan loot.

Do something for yourself here and boost the hero’s you want for raid defence/offense or for events etc… You’re already doing more than enough for your alliancemates IMHO.

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I went with the top one. The only test I have is to use auto farm. It went 3 for 3 at S1:23-9,
Thanks, My other team stopped at 23-1. Hope it hold better in war

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I just pull Vivi’s costume. She is at +3(the costume does not change the effect yet). would you still stay with Zim, drake, SeShat, Onatel, Morgan. ?? replacing Onatel with C-Vivi

Sorry what’s this for?

For Raid and war def.

Is Normal Vivica Maxed? Like can you max out Costume Vivica?

If you can max costume vivica I would 1,000,000,000,000% do it! She is shaping up to be an absolute BOMB tank & attacking support hero.

If you get maxed costume Vivica I would strip the Cleric Emblems from Hansel & probably most of the ones from Rigard to… maybe put Rigard back to +9 or +12 or so…

With Maxed Costume Vivica I would run:

Zimkitha -> Seshat -> Costume Vivica -> Sartana -> Morgan

Viv is at +3 and by the next war her costume will be maxed.

Interesting idea on Hansel and Rigard(costume just pulled this week). Muche easier to pull emblems back on this 4*'s

Hansel for sure, Rigard is worth giving SOME emblems back to but yeah vivica should get most of them for her costume… its amazing

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will start building ham to Level Vive using the costume side of the card. Ill start build ham.

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