War and raid bugs version 21

In version 21 I’ve noticed 2 bugs. 1. War aid is wrong we have attack boost and we are getting field aid. 2. Raids. Keep getting revenged on a revenged match. How is this possible? I understand you can raid a player and win and that player can revenge the match but how is first person (that started raid) able to revenge again? Plz fix issues ty

Hello yes I also encounter a bug with my hero Misandra blue troop. While all the rest of my troops levels are 10+ Misandra troop level stays at 1 village troop

So what happens when you try to swap out her troop for a different one?

Was revenge raided while online minutes ago and have been online longer. How can this be?

There are several reasons this can happen.

First, if you’re in the top 100, you can be raided at any time–even while online.

Second, the time a raid lists in your watchtower is when the raid finished, not when the raid started. So if you’ve been online for 7 minutes, and the raid lists in your watchtower as completing 2 minutes ago, it’s entirely possible it started 5 minutes before that–while you were offline.

Third, if you aren’t active in the app, the system will mark you as offline and allow raids. I believe this is to prevent people from logging to prevent being raided and then just leaving the app alone. So if you logged in and then left the game alone for a bit, you could have gotten raided.

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