War and Mana?

Warrior greetings I have noticed that during the wars the loading of the heroes seems to be extended and the amount of stones inherent to the heroes in the team became scarce, would it be an observation related to any technical error? or any isolated problem? Most of the topics bring only problems related to some heroes in particular.

Did you have video of it? Without videos its hard to make any suggestions…

Are you sure there weren’t factors like:

  • Mana Debuffs from heroes like Telluria
  • Sorcerer talent debuff
  • Troops allocated correctly?
  • Actually did the number of matches you thought you had done…

Personally I noticed no issues or changes from any of my war hits nor raiding I have done before, during or after war.

First of all thanks for responding. this was a general impression of all the players in the alliance, who had a hard time loading their heroes, in this war unfortunately I didn’t film any of the attacks, but in the next war the footage will be available on this topic. it was two consecutive wars that the alliance had the same feeling, that without belittling the opponents or underestimating their victory were even wars as far as the teams are concerned. There were no debuff problems or anything like that, just a huge difficulty in finding the stones and a greater difficulty in carrying the heroes.


I didn’t find information on how to publish video, so I shared the link. I do not believe that this board is balanced, as I said earlier in the alliance war it is always so.

you can share it by uploading to Youtube (or another video hosting website) & posting a link here

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