War and ex member

in our war it has 4 ex members and they are all the same. How and why is this? Is this a bug or is it the people who opt out?

Sorry it is on their team not our team

Now our war just reset and it shouldn’t have. The ones we killed are back and got 0 points. What is going on


Looks like we have quite a lot thtreads for new war bugs. Maybe put them togeather?
Last couple of Topics were all about Connection issues, ex-members and Zero Points…

Opponent has so less points

So um…WTF are we supposed to do with this???

Have the most glorious victory against all odds!

But yeah. Thats an issue. Our bonus points for kills aren’t working. But it’s still 30 v 30

there were following mistakes. attack not of a deystvola of counterattack of the kapriot and a boril and also at the second the attacks I have received 0 points so still of my 5 characters have taken off from war my nickname 9LEGEON6 his nickname stef

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Did you try to restart your game, did this help to resolve the issue with opponent names?

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This is happening to some of my alliance members to.

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What if I change my defense when it is half dead?

Same issue intially. All of our early attacks gave very undervalued poinys unbalancing score. So, now war is unfairly balanced.

Hello, we have the same problem !!!
fight won bring to an end but zero :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:
Zero point And of course and the 5 héros lost…
it’s frustrating.
we should review the update !!!

Hello @Petri
we had the same problem and turning off the game did not solve anything
Zéro point!!!

We restarted the game and the ex member is gone but now so are the points and flags and heros are gone and the place where they were dead are alive.

Also from start of war on the battlefield was ex-member in opponent team. Now he is disappeared.

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same here. one [ex-member] on the field when the war began. we killed him, but now he’s gone.

Member left us after teams have been selected and his team stayed at the battlefield as it should. But his status light stayed green and I checked his profile at titan list and he was off for 5h. Even after the war has started his light was still green. It went off, but can’t tell did it when he loged back in or joined other alliance.

When I checked war field ex members have disappeared, but on list there is still that they have been attacked

Same here. When war started the other team had 1 (ex-member) on the field and he was actually hit and killed. Now he’s gone

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Players showing up as ex-members is most likely related to your connectivity (internet interruptions), as advised earlier that restarting the game should help with this issue.