War and 5 Titan Chest Loot

I belong to 2 Alliances and the discussion of loot comes up often. It’s understandable that monster, battle, war, and regular titan chest loot is random draw. However, cumulative titan and war chests should truly be a reward and include a few rare ascension mats. It’s dissappointing to have fought hard against 5 titans and in 5 (or more) wars, to get ham, iron, a few loot tickets and coins, especially when other members get sturdy shields, mystic rings and trap tools. When dissappointment mounts, we lose interest and you lose members.


This is exactly what I was going to post on but you took the words right out of my mouth. I get better loot from just playing the story line than I do from titan chests and wars. Its shameful to fight for loot you could have won in a quest or season 1.


We just lost 2 high level players and are bound to lose another 3 for this kind of discouragement. The war chest opened yesterday seems to have been a catalyst for it. Here are players not getting needed mats for over 6 months - apart from those in rare quests or events - , at the same time there were 3 offers jumping at you offering mats for cash.
Months of fighting 10* titans with no reward is disheartening, weeks of fighting wars for just a mailshirt and regular tokens. Many elemental chests with barely something useful in them ( my last 5 elementals only had 2 with a 3* unfarmable item in them).
The oldtimers just started to quit yesterday.


5 titan chest loot - dissappointing again

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5 titan chest… again disappointing

5 titan chest. We defeated 4/5 so again disappointing and no reward for continued battling.


Next 5 titan chest…seriously!!! Th

is has to be fixed

Top 2 panels are war chest - finally a good 25pt chest. The bottom 2 are today’s 5 titan chest loot. Dissappointing again.

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