War alliance bug


I’ve done my last war attack this morning against viimax and I wone.
The trouble is I’ve marked no point!!! And she’s still alive!!!
Please give me my attack back !


It happened the same with me. I’ve done my last attack before 10 minutes and nothing happened. It appears that I’ve done 0 points for my team.


This just happened to me also. Very frustrating! I easily killed the team, received 0 points for my team, and the team I attacked alive and well. I was totally flabbergasted, so I didn’t take a screenshot. Also i didn’t realize this was a common bug until one of my teammates told me. Summed up I wasted 5 heroes, a war flag and who knows how much time trying to figure out how to report this nonsense.


Acontece o mesmo comigo espero retorno


Aconteceu o mesmo. Comigo aguardo retorno