War Algorithm

Does anyone know if losing a war by a large margin affects the match-up algorithm more than a close loss?

@Rigs or @ThePirateKing @Zombies etc you guys have done a bit with regards to tracking War Score component of the Alliance Score, any insights on this?

Ask SG.

Good luck…

Or explain it for them.

Your choice mod


We’re experimenting with it this war since the match up is way out of whack. Will let you know Saturday when the new matchup arrives.

I don’t think the margin has anything to do with the war score component. Afaik, if an alliance loses the history component reduces by 2k (leading to easier matchup in the next one), and if they win it increases by 2k (leading to tougher matchup in the next one).


Hehe, I would if I had any real knowledge on the subject. I wasn’t expecting a staff response hence why I called in the next best thing, the forum experts

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Same. My 145th-150th ranked alliance pulled the #22 alliance last war, and #33 alliance this war. Since the algorithm obviously doesn’t work as intended, i was just curious if an intentional low score could be a workaround. Maybe once this game really takes off and pulls in revenue SG will put some programmers on it. /s

I suspect that it works exactly as intended.

We came in on an 0-3 losing streak and our opponent has a war score 6000 points higher than ours. We’re letting them hit and laying down our swords.

Does this mean you got your question answered @PooFlingerJr. Lol

It doesn’t

Formula involved for how much an alliance score changes based on a win or loss


the amount for a win or a loss doesnt change based on how large of a win or loss, though i have suggested it do somethin similar to prevent exploits

Anyways new penalty cap is 20, not 10. Didnt look to see if that change was included in that post


Possible reasons for the mismatch:

-your alliance is on a win streak
-their alliance is on a loss streak
-both alliances have less than 30 members
-you guys were the closest match that they haven’t matched with in the last 5 wars. Or vice versa.

There are ways to exploit the matchmaking but hard to do with those ranks. Easiest way is to drop a member.

Droppin a member drops your alliance in a lower bracket

It’s been exploited by top 100 teams to string war chests


I’ve been in my lower league alliance for an age. I like it casual but anyways, that’s beside the point…we get crazy mismatches down in 15000th (or whatever bush league place we are in…14500 apparently…wow, go us) as much as the higher alliances get. We get alliances with a lot less cups than us but like 10+ 4K defence teams compared to our 5 and they crush us. Makes no sense to me that people wouldn’t be bothered by the raid chests but prioritise war chests…

Our last war was actually really close and good fun. But then you get these anomalies and you just scratch your head. I can take out 6 4K+’teams but a lot of our lot can’t do that so when you get that kind of TP mismatch it’s not really a contest unless they never log in…

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How many members?..

Less members a team has
More likely they are to see a mismatch

Actually brb, bout the 4th time I’ve typed this in an hr. Copy/paste time…

You’ll face mismatches until u hit 30/30

Reason for increase in mismatches for less than 30/30 alliances

Matchmaking is a ladder/bracket system
Starts at top and works it’s way down
Using a set paramater that prioritizes # of members then war score of alliance

Well 30/30 teams are more evenly matched

Lower <30 teams have a lot more variety and therefore it makes exceptions in the parameters to make sure every alliance has a match

Hence how dropping a bracket by dropping to less than 30 until your the strongest team at x member count is exploitable…(works with a team of pretty equal members. Mixed bags are typically on losing end of mismatches)

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Doesn’t really bother me…despite spending more than I should I just like playing the game without politics and pressure. But we have like 29 but a lot of them are 2.5k to 3.5k casuals. They didn’t even know anything about the whole Tel/Vel thing til I told them yesterday :joy:

Why it happens is kinda beside the point, we have a go and win some and lose some. The more active ones are starting to get into a bit now so we might rise up. But the matches sometimes confuse me when I check out the opposition. We got smashed to bits by a Japanese alliance who’s raid defences were all like 3.5 and they put out about 12 4K defence teams…the younglings were getting excited that we had the mismatch in our favour for once. How we laughed :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Raid defenses are pretty poor to use as a reference that low in the ranks

Best to use the war score of each alliance

Reference @OutlawEye

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Yeah true. They just like to scope out the opposition :joy:

It’s swingy as hell down in the Sunday leagues!

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Both alliances in our war mismatch are at 30. The time before that too. We still pulled a 7BankAccountsEmpty squad. Oh well.

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Then next guess is the latest change to matchmaking is possibly reaching further than intended

@mhalttu wanna look into this?

For clarity sake:

  • all 30 members both teams opted in?
  • what’s your guy’s record for the last 20 wars?