War aid improvement suggestion

With War and enemy aid seeming to be an enjoyment killer for many people, couldn’t there be a better way of using an aid? Instead of giving the enemy aid, couldn’t there be an assist that actually helps you instead of the enemy? Here is the example of what I propose: each person on the battlefield has a team and has War banners to use. Each team gets a certain number of aid boosts for THEIR team during the battle for each attack, similar to banner use for attacks. You could choose an arrow attack on the enemy or a healing boost for your team depending what boost has been chosen for that war by the system. That way, each team on the field, alliance or enemy alliance, receives the benefit of aid, but it puts the player in control of when the aid applies and doesn’t leave you standing on the field facing three enemy healers who receive healing aid from the system’s enemy aid and you end up in a battle where they win because your healer was killed off, you keep dong damage, but the system keeps healing their love fest healing circle. I think people dislike enemy aid because the devs have set up a raid system, trained us to use it to fill raid chests, then broke that established system in a war system that is remarkably similar to raids, and has now introduced something that either helps kill you or helps keep the enemy standing. So the player is at the mercy of the system instead of facing a raid team and beating them fairly. If each player had a boost in their control, randomized by the system to include healing or arrows, each player could control when to use those boosts, similar to items taken into battle in a province and similarly limited per attack, and would feel more in control rather than watching as a hero you have that is critically low on health and ready to fire its special is slain by an enemy assist consisting of arrows. We already face a random alliance with members who have random teams and troops in a random hero lineup. To have another random thing that we see helps the enemy is frustrating. So if you put that boost in your hands instead of the enemy, choosing to loose arrows against the enemy or to give your team a healing boost gives you satisfaction instead of frustration. It might fix rampant complaints about how War sucks because of enemy aid. It won’t help the alliance matching complaint. @Rook

As I have said elsewhere, Arrows/boost/aid is given to BOTH sides as follows:

  1. When I attack the enemy (AI), their arrows/boost/aid takes effect.

  2. When the enemy attacks my team (AI), MY arrows/boost/aid takes effect.

The misconception—because I only see my attack on the enemy, not their attack on me—is that something unfair is going on, and it’s not. Both sides get the special equally, every time, and always have.

I appreciate your point that there is a perception of unfairness, and perhaps a change might be made to combat this perception. But it is a perception only, and not reality. :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly. So if SG flipped the effect of the field aid/enemy assist from what we can’t see (our AI fighting the enemy), to one we can, the perception of unfairness would change. If both sides get the same effect, it will still be fair, just let us see the effect on our side.

All other things being equal, an intelligent attacker always beats the dumb AI defender, so an aid to the defender makes for more interesting battles. An aid to the attacker would make for less interesting battles.

I don’t see the appeal.

@Sidhekin I beg to differ. We battle enemies in each province and battle titans. In those battles, we can use aids to beat “the dumb AI defender.” We do not beat the enemy every time in provinces nor do we beat the titans every time even with these aids.

In raids, what we do to win outposts and to fill raid chests, and basically do, too, for War, we get no aids to beat the enemy. Our wins are based on the enemy’s skill at putting a team together that best compliments its heroes’ special skills and having troop strength to boost those individual hero’s damage with tiles. Color stacking, elemental links, skill stacking all factor into raids from the attacker’s perspective. Players still lose raids even when taking all this into consideration. Your boards play into raids, titans, and Province level wins.

In war, an alliance based multiplayer raid system, we set our teams using everything we thought about that we use to battle titans, battle Province level enemies, and for raiders attacking us to take trophies. Only now, we see the opposing raiding team getting computer generated assistance. We also still deal with bad boards. Even the most intelligent players still get beaten by a bad board combined with computer generated assistance to the enemy with a well thought out opposing team. What happens? Players complain about how War sucks.

There are two reasons I have heard over and over again about why War sucks. They are the matching system between alliances, which SG is trying to address through opt out and automatic opt out for inactivity. The other reason I see is field aid to the enemy. So to help change a perception of unfair advantage by unseen forces helping the enemy, take the unseen help away. Flip that perceived unfair enemy assistance out of a player’s control into something they can see and control, no matter how small it is, and there is now a benefit to you as a player.

This change still affects both sides. It just gives an element of control to the player who can now say “I get two arrow barrages (or minor team healings) per attack. I better use them wisely.” Otherwise, the current system looses arrows at our team or heals the enemy team and we can’t see what it is based on that triggers it. We just feel it is unfair.

If all players understood skill stacking, importance of hero placement (or order in which to fire a hero), color stacking, how to create diamonds with tiles, troop break points, etc, there would be very little need for Peer Support, YouTube videos about the game, Line or Discord advice groups, etc. But most players don’t delve that far into game strategy. So perception of unfairness is rampant because many players don’t understand that their attacker in War has the same “unfairness” happening to them. Flip it so we see a tool to use to our advantage just as wisely as we must use all the other considerations to play against a Titan, Province level boss, or team we raid and win. We have changed nothing in the play but a perceived disadvantage into a perceived advantage. Each side still gets an assist only now we see it and can use it (or not). Use it unwisely, like bad hero combinations, and you still lose. But use it wisely and you gain a slight advantage. It is merely in your control rather than being applied by an outside force against your team.

I specified “All other things being equal”. In PvE, and against titans in particular, other things are not equal.

In PvP, such as in raids, it is well known that the attacker has the edge. Players typically win cups when attacking and lose them when defending. The same two players facing off, unless they are of different magnitude of powers (which makes for less interesting battles anyway), the winner is to a great extent determined by who is attacking. Which is less interesting, or at least, so it seems to me.

Wars fixed this flaw, as I see it, when adding defender boosts.

I see Field Aid as much more unfair than Arrows. In field aid, the aid received is always 20% healing, but in attacks 1, 2 and 3, the attacker can do damage faster (sometimes, and with good planning) than the field aid so that the opponent’s health actually can diminish. In attacks 4, 5, and 6 however, neither the tiles nor the specials nor the combination of tiles and specials is fast enough to keep up with a 20% health gain, especially as the number of opponent heroes declines and the field aid repetitions speed up. The opponent heroes are still as strong healthwise as they were during attack 1 against them, so the 20% health gain is still as big, even during a #6 attack with the attacker using the last five, lowest valued heroes.

Perhaps if field aid diminished in % as the attack flags of the attacker diminished, it would be fairer.

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Still aid sux why cant it just be a straight battle. It really takes the fun out of the game for me and lots of others. It puts us in a catch 22 cause it makes you not wanna participate in war but you have to in order to be part of an alliance. Its just not fun when you think you have battled and somehow beaten a stronger enemy only to have that victory stolen by stupid aid . It just needs to go or be given to both attacking teams and defending teams uf it is to be or have the appearance of fairness

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The only real issue here is when the opponents get the health aid which as you said makes them pretty much unbeatable if you don’t go in prepared.

All the other aids are really no big a deal.

If your getting beat because of the aid then your going in blind and not paying attention to what the aid is.

Personally when the health aid is in, I take 3 healers and a counterattacker with my strongest striker. Works for me.

All the other aids I just ignore as don’t do very much.

All war aids ARE given to both defending war teams; yours and your opponent.

Since you don’t see your own defending battles, you miss where you get heath aid (or arrows or attack boost) in defense.

Very simple. :slight_smile:


Hello, I can not create a new theme. but I could report directly to one of the moderators. Our alliance has a big problem in the war. Thanks Manjo

Hi @Manjo1

What’s the problem?

Our Alliance would like to have our opponent of war removed or not to fight against him. Is that possible?

Our Alliance is not enthusiastic and it is not funny!

The leader or co-leader can opt out if you don’t want to fight wars

do you want to fight against alliance where the rag is called first Hitler? that’s not funny!

What’s the alliance name?

we also have youth in the alliance and it is already a small uprising in our alliance. The alliance name is: Lietuva Lietuviams!!!

Hitleris is Lithuanian for Hitler

Ok, I can confirm what you’re saying.

@Petri @Sara I’ll send you a screenshot. Obviously SG’s discretion if this is a breach of conduct.

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