War against retired alliance = Automatic Victory

Good morning a few hours after the matchmaking the opponent alliance seems to be retired. On the Battlefield I don’t see anymore the alliance name and banner and if i TAP on it I receiver an error message. What happens in this case when the war starts? Thanks

War is started in the opponent ally the war formation is full but all of them are ex-members.

my guess they all left and the alliance disappeared.

probably it will end in a draw and you get 3 points

Please update after the war starts / ends. Interesting to see how this turns out.


I guess they could all be off titan mercing too and just not back yet - not sure how that would look if all players were absent :thinking:

Alliance dissolves when the last person leaves so no coming back. Surely it should be a victory by default?!

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@mhalttu I couldn’t find an obvious answer - can you confirm what would happen if an alliance dissolved after matchmaking?



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Happened to someone I know a few wars ago.
Everybody in the other alliance left and the alliance was closed.
They received an auto win, 5 points for the war chest.

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My guess is that they would win the war. I would ask the team, but I feel hesitant to bother them because we should learn the answer really soon. :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t work like that for some reason, we’d be too late to fix it for this war but we’d definitely look into fixing it for the future.


As soon as war begins you should win, i’ve had it a few times on my alt. its just a nuisance


@mhalttu @JonahTheBard

As far as I recall I have seen a similar scenario posted to a Facebook group some time ago where I am a member.
If I remember correctly, then the resut was a win :slight_smile:
But we will see :slight_smile:


Just FYI: They won the war.


Just another question, if auto-win, then they do not used any of flag, and waiting for another war to fill-up POV requirement? Or directly find another war-match?

I can’t see how they’d get another war match as everyone else is already matched :man_shrugging:t3:

I expect the mechanism was designed well before PoV, do that hasn’t been considered.


Oops, you right duh :man_facepalming:

I would suggest if auto-win, they split into two team in alliance and war each other, so they still can use war flag…, it is a rare situation though. :smile: :upside_down_face:
EDIT: and if this alliance is single member what happened then :grin:

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Great minds think alike :grin:

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As I posted in my update, there was not auto win. We did our attacks. As the matchmaking was done opponents were on the battlefield but they can’t attack. So our attacks were good for the POV requirement. I think that before the POV there was a sort of Auto-Win, then that was changed


Sorry, but as a veteran solo, an auto win doesn’t happen. Strike one without participation gives you nothing. Strike two without playing and you are auto opted out of competition.

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