War advice for newer players

Hello again everyone hope you all had a wonderful holiday. so over the past 3 months I have watched video after video after video of people countering and the one thing I see to often is triple stacking. triple stacking is the most inefficient way to win a fight because you are now overly dependant on the board vs said hero skills, and in wars especially for newer players, this depletes your rosters significantly. me and a few members of my allaince got into a pretty choppy debate over team power/hero roster. the only way I had to prove this was to put up a score with my team and then took one of our lower players in the allaince and had them use there limited roster in the same war. my highest team power currently is 3600 which it could be higher but I realized diversity overcomes power more times than not. our alliance leader has a team over 4k we also have three 3700 and 6 people 3500 + the alliances we faced most recently in war had 2 4k players ,one who took top spot, 3 3800 players, 7 players between 34 and 3500, and 10 player 2800 to 3300. We teamed everyone up in our allaince and groups of two, whichever team scores most points, both player won a 25 dollar package. I came in second in the whole war points wise but one of our 2800, 35 characters only , only 2 3 stars capped and not a single 4 star past third tier came in #5 by not triple stacking and using said counters to kill and clean up bigger teams. here is the screen shot of final tally

our alliance leader with a 4k main team even finished lower the our 2800 player but “rogue” outscored over 30 people higher than her in every facet. characters skills/elemental links/buffs debuffs, all of these things play more important of a role then team power. don’t let team power full you it’s simply a means of paying attention who to counter on said team if you have the heroes to do this. use your daily raids to practice countering and I promise it will help you immensely in the wars.
1- people within a hundred points of you, you can usually win with a full rainbow team.
2- 200 points plus might wanna double color for the tank and focus on cure debuff removal or necessary defensive tactics.
3- 400 plus double counter tank.and most lethal opponent flanking the tank and may attention to attacking characters to exploit weaknesses through counters. we have may videos available with all kind so team counters to help anyone struggling with particular characters. I have never triple stacked in a single war unless early when I was down to my end heroes. I have never been out of the top 5 of total points in over 4 months. good luck to all and thank you for your time

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