War advantage for new alliances?

For the past couple months we have had the good fortune to be matched against alliances of similar strength, which has led to fun/close battles. However, we are now pitted against a new (17 day) old team. We average 15 diamond trophy rank, them all 30 diamond trophy rank.

Their worst team is better then 14 of our teams. Is there an advantage to starting a new alliance, warring until full chest for more guaranteed rewards, then starting a new alliance and repeating? My assumption being you will be matched against much weaker opponents initially.

The only difference between a new alliance and an old one based on what we have been told by the dev’s is the past war history portion. Everything else would be the same…unless there is something they haven’t told us, or there is a bug.

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Wouldn’t it be funny if you have no war history then they multiply war score by 0 for the match rather than the win/loss factor. You can almost see a programmer making a mistake like that.

It’s still top 30 heroes of all members totalled together. Any newer alliance just won’t have a win/loss history.

So if there is a weighted factor of wins/loss record involved (which iirc there is now) is starting off 0/0 winning 5 and then making a new alliance with a fresh record of 0/0. You are talking about a small advantage, but if it consistent that’s all you really need.

2.5 weeks for full war chest (with emblem rewards) You miss out the first week on titans, but that is much less of a guaranteed drop.

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