WAR 3/14/18 Bug Reports


A number of players have contacted me with issues for the current Alliance War.

Please contact Game Support for assistance:

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Not a bug, but an exploit. You can set a 1* hero and then eat him. If all alliance does this then they can’t be scored on and it appears they can still attac k.
Luckily the alliance trying this wasn’t able to pull it off and we scored a 700plus hit on one team. It appears they kicked this member. Now we are rolling against the 1*s that didn’t get eaten. That they pulled it off, it would have been upsetting


I think it would be interesting for the devs to be aware of this loophole because it wreaks the total mechanic of the battle… even for the opponents that get cheated out of a “real” battle to test their skills and heroes.


The person that has killed his/her team retains the possibility to attack while having taken away from the opponents the possibility of attacking him/her.



This is terrible! I’ve been lucky to be matched to some great teams that seem to enjoy AW as much as our alliance. Props to all teams giving it their best and shame on people like this! It undermines the work SG put into making a great game! Totally uncalled for!


But unless I am mistaken, the points are now all on the other teams, so the net 2000 points are still available, no?


it means you can only kill the other team once and they will never respawn, meaning the most the other alliance can get is the 2000 points. That’s a total bush league move and is definitely cheating and should be punished. It’s an outright abuse of the game mechanics and you can’t preemptively think of every cheating scenario and say “you can’t specifically do X”.

If you did something playing with your friends and they would either punch you or never play with you again, it’s probably cheating.


@Petri send this to the higher ups and fix this problem.


So much truth in those words


We are going against an alliance that quite clearly is trying to cheat the system with the above mentioned exploit. They started with 16 teams that had 1 hero defense and are slowing turning over to empty teams. As you’ll see in the screen shot below it’s a losing strategy for them, but I now know how to exploit the system for a very easy win every single war…just gotta make a minor tweak to this thinking…


lucky for us they executed it poorly… we are down to 8 “viable” teams alive now, do not know if we will have any by the time we get our next 3 flags


Yep, with a bit of coordination and a bit more smarts, there’s a pretty fool proof waybto win every war. I’ll never do it because I’d rather lose fighting than win by cheating, but not everyone thinks like that. This should get fixed before the next war


my point entirely! I’m there to test what thevteam can achieve by using teamwork and singular skill as best we can… winning like this would be totally meaningless


Should be that any player who does this forfeits their attacks.


You mean all the points they accumulated in the match up to the point they use this exploit? :thinking:


If you have no defense you shouldn’t be able to attack. I’d go as far as to say it should move you to spectator mode and no rewards


Should be a moderately simple fix to extend the AW team to the normal team’s “This Hero Is In Your Party” loss prevention which would annihilate this shenanigans.

Alternatively if that can’t be done, I agree with @Talisax and would go one further and get rid of all points gained by that player too but I’m not sure how realistic it is… seems like a lot of work when there’s code that could likely be reused to solve this issue.


Hi, I’d like to report That in War Mode couple minutes ago, OdrodzeniPl vs _, my game during final round just got black screened. Sorry to inform You but my whole advantage runned out with “0” result, and my squad which I used to this Heat is of course blocked. I’d like ask You to at least unlock my team So I could use them With in next 8 hours to complete the competition without uncertain loose to my Team just because of Game bug. Sincerely Imagi…

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That does seem like the smartest fix. If the hero is assigned, they can’t be fed to another hero. They can be upgraded, but otherwise they are basically locked until after the event.


I think it would be funny if they punished players who did this, by setting their defense team to a rainbow of 1* trainer heroes and only making those trainers available for their war flags but not accessible for leveling…

Basically eating your team should just give you a default defense and attack until wars end