War 2.0: Summary of Improvements

I was looking for some interesting ideas to make war more exciting, so why not summarize the past ideas and suggestions made in threads :nerd_face:

IMHO, wars should be easy to use flags, fun, suspenseful, rewarding, and allow the best participation from weak and strong players.

Not sure if most people are simply happy with war “as-is” but I believe it is due for a shake up. Thoughts?

Feel free to post new suggestions with links to thread.


New Rules (War Buffs/Handicaps/Condition)
Maybe we can do better than Arrows, Field Aid, Attack Buff… repeat…

Suggestions on improving matchmaking for weaker alliances so they won’t be too discouraged.

War Bracket System/Tiers/Leagues/Championship/Round Robin/Tournaments
Give Top Players a unique challenge, recognition and aspiring alliances something to look forward to. Almost nobody cares about the current leaderboards
Possible solution to the problem of wars - War Tiers / Brackets / Round Robin Style Setup

Rewards / War Loot
Reward players who are motivated and engaged.

Spectator Mode

War Participation

Tank & Field Diversity
Suggestions to reduce repeating the same tanks (and perhaps flanks) every war.

War Mechanics & Strategy
Make Empire & PUZZLES great again!


Point System

New Alternating War Styles & Formats
Maybe we can try out some new war ideas in beta?

Here was my idea about War tournaments:

I think it fits into this category: War Bracket System/Tiers/Leagues/Championship/Round Robin

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While I agree, I would love to see improvements to war, ANY improvements to war, and I appreciate you summarizing the input, I don’t think we should merge all of the threads into this thread.

If you merge the threads, you can identify that people want improvement to war, but we won’t know WHAT improvements are needed. As a product planning developer in software, this isn’t useful information.

So it’s better to leave them separate and if people want to see any improvements in war, they can vote this up.

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I like your war ideas but your thread was closed and merged with :

Yes, but as far I saw that topic was not mentioned either in your topic list either.

Yes, I certainly do not advocate merging all threads into this one.

However, from a quick read, I saw repeated requests like War Spectator Mode in numerous threads.

So i grouped and listed them as “1 2 3 4 5 …” above. Maybe readers can find the most relevant and best threads within the group then suggest a merge if they feel appropriate.

If I’ve made any mistakes in grouping threads inappropriately, please let me know!

Oh, thanks for saying that. They unmerged it though, it’s open.

I really hope they at least require different color tanks each war. Maybe a different color for each alliance! Like yellow (holy warriors) vs purple (undead). Even that change would shake things up. I would love to see themes…

Oh well. I know they pride themselves as being a small development team, but they risk losing a lot of customers and money if this game doesn’t continue to adapt and innovate beyond adding a new hero every month.

I’m saying this as a startup guy when we had 2 developers and we now have a team of 80 that did what I did. I didn’t like it at first, but it’s the right thing to do.

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I commend you on the research and intelligence gathering to make this post. Well done.

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Looks good :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look thru the doubles and see what we can do to reduce them haha


I renamed the title

and placed it under New War Buffs//Handicaps/Condition Ideas since it had more conditions for the war rather than a bracket/tournament system

Sounds fun! Holy warriors vs. Undead Covid zombies …:dizzy_face:

SGG was bought by Zynga so they are not a small development team anymore! They’re a big enough fish with dev teams and resources.

Hopefully they’ll allocate more resources to revamp this game

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Hi there,

in our ally we asked ourselves wether it would make sense to have an advanced war in the late game.

advanced war means other random war rules:

  • fight with only 2 classes (like class trial quests)
  • only two or three colours allowed
  • only up to 3 stars / up to 4 stars heros allowed

this brings a lot of more variety in the late game and could be funny

To participate on an advanced war, your ally have to have a minimum of ally points (because in early game it makes no snse, due to missing options of the player)

If your ally reach the limit, the ally can decide if they will participate on a normal or on an advanced war.

What do you think about this idea?


Here’s a collection of multiple suggestions to improve wars:

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I would like the developers to add one more war in the POV to account for real situations where one might miss a flag or so. Stupid that a paid POV has no leniency.

Hi there
This is AdowobA from empire records, please fix war assignments! It’s not good to accept players then assign war and left the alliance then will be short handed let the leaders control the war field please to remove sleep members or new joiners if not fit to fight

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I’ve been at this game for a while now and there’s so many things that could always be better but I think the recurring thoughts for me surround the PvP interactions.

I think that having a spectator option to watch teammates attack would be awesome just to see what you’re up against with the board.

On that same train of thought, I think being able to see what heroes your opponents use to attack would be beneficial in reviewing defenses or knowing what’s effective for other players when they attack. It’s frustrating to see a team with 3k defense power use 6 flags to one-hit 6 teams 3500 and above.

Being able to see what’s successful could help improve future attacks and combinations without having to necessarily comb through hundreds of forum posts for what works for people.

Just a few rambing thoughts.

@remmy gone thru and cleaned up your thread & the links a bit. hope this is satisfactory now :slight_smile:

here my idea

Hello everybody,

WAR and PvP has become very boring through telluria …

my idea:

  • boost should change every war (3 wars 3 boost) … AND

  • tank color should last 3 wars… it should be given…

It would be much more complicated that way.

you cannot make one top team and only win…

Now, for example, blue heroes are almost useless, that would change

players would have to adapt much broader

the idea can certainly be improved, but I have a lot of heroes that I can’t use anymore because of telluria …

and the game gets really boring!!!

only telluria in pvp and in the war

thank’s for reading

I am posting this in hopes that a Real SG employee can respond… I have screenshots and proof of the mis matchmaking and posted earlier but certain people took it personally so I am not posting pictures or using names. Anyway…

We are seeing an break in the matchmaking process and I think it might where people just start a new alliance or either they were a small alliance and then and then got new members and It’s matching up incorrectly till like after the players have played in the wars of that alliance for over 3 months then it matches correctly. According to your rules: Matchmaking rules for Opted in players only…

Top 30 Hero’s
Top 5 Hero’s Weighted
Top Troops
Total number of opted in total players
Wins/loses record of both alliances

Either way regardless of a new alliance or not. The game should be matching up alliances correctly. We have had 4 people leave and quit the game prior to this in our alliance because of fed up with the wars. We didn’t get a fair matchup and haven’t been according to the SG matchmaking rules… please advise. Thank you so much.