Wanting to join a training alliance

Need a training alliance for two newby players.
Each with one decent starter team of 3500 and 3200.
One child age 9 years and one older player.
Need leadership that will coach rather than dictate.
9 year old does of course have school, after school clubs and football, football and more football.
We need English speaking too.
Preferably England / Europe time zone


@Rook you’ve suggested alliances for younger players before, any recommendations here?

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Titan Butcherz currently has room for 2 players. We are an English speaking alliance and a training alliance. We’re open so just come on in while we still have spots open

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Here’s a list of lots

But this is my personal favourite



I’ll echo Jonah as my original links have aged a bit. :wink:


Line my id vandekakka, we have home for you

Yes we would be glad to have you join Guardians Academy. Right now we have 1 spot and possibly a second one soon :grinning:

Thanks @JonahTheBard! It’s been a really busy day so I’m just getting around to checking the forum. How dare real life keep me busy :rofl:


Hi @Chris1962 both are welcome at Revengers Assemble*. We’re a fairly new alliance looking for more players to join. We’re small in numbers (at the moment) but we help and support each other working on Wars and Titans.

Leadership team is UK based and I’m sure Vext will be glad to have someone talk football (Everton supporter, hope that’s not too upsetting :laughing:)

try Baba Yagas…we have about 3/4 slots empty…we dun rush players nor demand activities…just join, be merry and be happy and learn lots of tips…i joined them as a newbie a year ago and now im at 3860 and promoted to co-leader…

@Chris1962 Try This Beginners Alliance here at XXX.Titans , find Grimlord as the leader.

All beginners mostly here. She uses Line App and has war and titan manuals to help out beginners.

All she asks is to be active daily on titans and wars are optional.

This is not me or mine but my partners alliance. It’s only about 3 weeks old so starting on low titans which suits all the low level beginners.

Hope to see you there soon.

Hi Chris we are about to have just what your looking for. Please pm me on Line: Meltigger.

Hi Chris!!! +Knights of the Cross+ is looking for two players just like you! We have a father-son (10 years old) duo and a couple of other families along with a variety of personalities and experience. We are a teaching alliance and we are very supportive & encouraging of one another. We just ask that you hit the Titan daily & participate in wars with the resources you have. We are currently fighting 8* Titans & would love to have you visit to see if we’re what you’re looking for. Just drop by - we are very friendly!!!
Feel free to ask questions here or search for +Knights of the Cross+ in Alliance Recruitment & ask questions there. Be sure to add the +’s or you will end up on a ghost ship!!! We hope to see you soon!!! :bouquet: :crossed_swords:

P.S. We are an international alliance that includes players from several cities in Great Britain as well as all over the U.S.A. We even have a member who is taking a year-long world cruise, so our alliance has been all over the world!!! :globe_with_meridians:

If you haven’t found a home yet, more than welcome to join Elite Militia. We’re easy going and have players around the world. Good luck!

Take a look at USA Misfits…2

This is USA Misfits’ training alliance. Wife and I are in this alliance and our 8 year old has an account in Misfits…2

We range from 4-5-6* titans and usually have a very good usage of flags in Wars.

Hope you come by and check out Misfits…2!

Hi Chris,

Come check out our sister training alliance Ravens of Winterfell. They are part of the King of the North (top 5) alliance, so you will have support not just from the alliance but from 4 other sister alliance. Depending on your growth, you could move up into more competitive soster alliances like the Wolves of Winterfell.

Do come check us out, even just for a chat to get to know us before you join. My LINE ID is: kira981112

Another possibility: Crew-Niversity. Build your team while practicing wars and titans. You have access to the larger Crew family for help and support.

You can contact jrigs in Line to get in contact.

I’m sorry if this is off topic. But we have just joined Line app, and need someone to help us join a recruiting group for the game. Heard it has more chances. If you could please help is out, that would be grateful.
Line Id : zafarsyed

See PM in line. :slight_smile:

From Ashes We’ve Arisen, leader Flicked Face… we all like to teach people how to become better, we were all there at one time

@zephyr1 and @Rook
Please close this thread. We have now found a good alliance to call home


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