Wanted Missions

Hello there ! When will I have good missions for receiving greats rewards ? I need some ascension mats please !

These special “element” wanted missions come along rarely and apparently randomly. All any of us can do is complete missions as quickly as possible, as there’s always the chance that the next mission will be an elemental wanted mission. I will spend a few gems to speed up the next mission.

Note that there’s always a chance of getting rare mats from standard missions. I just picked up some darts (yellow 4* mat) from a standard monster box.

Also note that an elemental wanted mission can occur in ANY of the three slots. Yes, an ally had her titan box replaced once by an elemental one.

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Got it Kerridoc ! I’ve noticed indeed these missions are really rare. what you said is true. finish as fast as possible recommended missions should let us have these rare missions. I recently finished ice missions and received great rewards. asap challenge’s in few hours I’d be happy to ascend my 2 last epic heroes to have more chance to finish intermediate tier and hope do finish 3 or 4 stages of advanced tier.

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I’m tracking the frequency of the elemental wanted chests in a separate thread. I’ve gotten 3 in the past month, oddly two happened around 8 days and 30 chests and the other 11 days and more like 45. While (like most things) there appears to be some randomness, I’m curious if it’s truly random (like you could get 2 in a row or not get one for months) or if there are lower and upper boundaries dictating the shortest and longest period you would have to wait.

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Me too 2 months ago I got in a row double great missions. ice and fire. It may works randomly but what I’m sure about, is that the faster you finish regular missions the highest you’ll get these rare missions.

If I were coding it, there’d be a cool down period when you couldn’t get an elemental chest. After the cool down, there would be a small but increasing chance of getting an elemental chest instead of a regular one. Eventually the odds would rise to 100%, effectively capping the period between elemental missions.

But I’m not coding this game. :face_with_monocle:

He he Kerridoc, that game is full of emotion. sometimes you are happy sometimes you are sad.
effectively like you said elemental chest should come at least after 2 months or even 1. but no way. isn’t a marketing politic for making us buy ?

Tell me Kerri, did you notice something ? I noticed you receive some good stuffs on regular mission “heroes” when you defeat powerful heroes. I mean epic and legendary heroes !
Did you know that or what do you say about that ?

The teams I face in raids always has a mix of legendary and epic heroes, so I’m not able to judge whether the rewards are better against high-powered heroes. In my alliance we’ve played around with the hypothesis that you get better rewards from hunting harder monsters–say, farming 20-4 instead of 8-7. Although we didn’t run long-term studies with large sample size, we haven’t observed any change in rewards based on monster difficulty.

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Well I’m experimenting something new. I noticed when you face teams having powerful heroes such as legendaries and epic only, you receive great rewards. and like you said, when beating strong titans too you receive good stuffs according to your rank. in my new Alliance even with my rank of 12th or 15th I receive good stuffs than my former one ! so interesting :smile::smile:. I hope to finally have ascension mats being in 7DEmerging

Facing strong titans definitely improves loot. The evidence on facing strong heroes to fill chests is inconclusive. But it’s certainly more fun to raid (and beat) strong teams!

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