Wanted missions?

Has anyone noticed if wanted Missions give less iron/ham than before the most recent version?

I have only opened 2 chests which I know is not a large enough sample, but the rewards for resources eemed to be smaller.

Not sure if it’s a bug, but the AMT Ham/iron has always varied for me.


I await the day I stop getting ham and iron from chests and useful crafting items/ascension mats instead😎

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They vary dramatically. There’s no reason to believe the rewards have changed, especially on a sample of 2 chests.


There is a random variable, but the base amount for Wanted Mission Chests are linked to your storage.

So players rushing to Legendary training will get more iron than food until they bring food storage to the same level.

Wanted Hero Mission Chest is also based on your raid arena.


thank you @Gryphonknight, and others for responding. I know only 2 chests was a small sample but as a c2p player I did not have the gems too further test it myself.

I was aware of the amount being tied to storage but thought with advanced buildings increasing the maximum storage possible that rewards may have been scaled back to match the new upper limit.

I’m sure if they were lower there would have been more comments by now. Guess I just had 2 low ones in a row, no big deal as my ham was at cap anyway :slight_smile:


Somewhere I tracked the variance, but then they added raid arenas and it messed up my numbers.

I really should have posted it to the forums so I could find it again.


Seems like Diamond chest is the one to speed up:

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