Wanted mission


In the game you can look at the upper left corner of any fight screen and see this symbol:20200419_115332

What that means is that:

  • purple is strong against yellow and weak against purple
  • yellow is strong against purple and weak against yellow
  • green is strong against blue and weak against red
  • blue is strong against red and weak against green
  • red is strong against green and weak against blue

Ideally you would stack 3, 4, or even 5 strong colored heros against the titan, since the higher the combined attack stat against the titans defensive number the more damage you will do with tiles (or shields as they are called by the devs).

There are some heros, or types of heros you may want to include to do higher damage, or increase your survivability. On offense these include:

  • a defense down
  • an elemental defense down (stacks with above)
  • an attack boost
  • an attack multiplier

For defensive specials that will help you survive longer to do more damage you may want heros that:

  • raise your defense
  • share damage
  • heal

A good visual to help with this is:

It looks like it was last updated last June, so there may be some new heros that would work well that aren’t on it