Wanted Mission Loot getting worse?


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Increased chances to get Epic Ascension Items from the special offers that include them

I’m reading this as “You’re more likely to get them if you spend money, but we’ve pulled them from Titans and Wanted missions.”

This suspicion is further reinforced in my mind by your post on Facebook:

New Rare Wanted Missions are indeed rare but the loot is awesome! Have you had a chance to open any purple chests yet?

The devs have been disappointingly silent in this matter. Because it feels like you’ve literally made the game harder for us while giving us a fake present, that’s not cool.


That’s been my observation, and maybe it’s just me but the frequency of rare missions seems to have dropped sharply?


For me, it is the same. One the first week, none sense. :disappointed:


I’ve seen no change in the frequency of rare missions (one since the update) though I have found lots of ascension items cropping up quite randomly.

For example, I have been awarded three compasses since the update: one for that rare mission, one for a low level Titan kill, and one for a normal ‘kill 40 heroes’ task. That seems like a lot.