Wanted Heroes Chest Not Counting Kills Correctly

I won 3x and 1x 4. Should give 19 extra. Only got 10 or so…

More people experiencing this? Cups are counter correct.

I did 7 raid, won all of them. But in my raid chest there is 30 heros.

Is it possible that when you did your first raid, the raid chest was not available yet and that is why it counted only the last 6 ones? Just a possibility. :slight_smile:


I am not %100 sure, but i mostly check whether the raid chest is available or not.

If you start the first raid right as the timer is rolling over, those kills won’t count. I’ve been bitten by this before myself. Now, I always wait about 15 seconds after the chest comes live to do my first raid.


This was happened first time (i have been playing for 8 months) , i’ll double check for coming raid chests. Thanks for your helps.

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This just happened to me. Was 37/40 before and after a raid win.

I’ve collected these reports together into a single thread. Not sure how widespread the problem is, but it looks to be affecting at least a few people.

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