Wanted : elemental chest

Did wanted elemental chest loot (150 monster same element) depend on the monster level we kill?

I mean ,we can fInish purple chest with killing monster in province 8-4 or province 22-4. Is the loot we get better if I fullfil with monster in 22-4?

Do you get elemental chest ? Wow i didn’t get one for almost 2 Months. I thought they are disappeared . :slight_smile:

Nope, I believe. But you can check it

i get it once each month

ok. my last wanted chest is purple, and the loot is crap. not one ascencion material. It used to be at least one ascencion material.

I get 2 summon and 1 epic troop and another crap material.

green chest today: no golden tokens, but compass and trap tool, the rest - garbage

doesnt matter where you do that, as long as you get it done.
I`m getting wanted chest every 7-8 days, but skipping for gems 3-4 times a day

I believe the loot Is Random for the wanted chest too. I had many of my members do easy boards and hard ones, and sometime some got good stuff from easy and some got good stuff from the hard ones. I don’t think the loot is constant enough for you to figure out which one is better

I got royal tabard, warm cape, 30 diamonds, some trainer and epic hero token. It was blue chest and I opened it with 13-5.

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I’ve seen here on the Forum the opinion that filling a color chest in higher provinces gives better loot. My limited experience tells me that it is not true. I had two green chests this month. One I filled in 17/5 and got nothing but an epic troop token. Another one was filled in 6/3 6/6 and brought me telescope and gloves.

I agree with @SuuriKoira. I fill my chest with the most efficient monsters per energy level (search Mai’s guide to Efficient Farming) and I’ve had great stuff.

I’m pretty sure it includes raid heroes of that colour too. Can anyone confirm?

Mai"'s Guide to Efficient Farming

Yes. I think even the titan counts, but it is so rare that he has the right color and right timing that i cant confirm that myself.

I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never raided while filling a color chest.

@Rook @Dante2377 can you clever folk confirm that raid heroes of the appropriate colour are included in elemental chests?

I can confirm it. Once had to collect the last ~6 to red chest with raiding :smiley:


Even titans counted


I had purple chest 20.5, and green chest 25.5
I didn’t skip too much, so that was a nice surprise… :slight_smile:

Purple gave me hero token (pulled Lianna - Yay!) and yesterday 3 silver ones…

yes they are. nothing worse than ending up on 148/150. BUT then realizing you have full raid flags is nice…

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Someone had his account copied in beta servers.

He had an elemental chest mission.

He filled both chests with very different levels and in the end he got exactly the same thing.

So the rewards are decided at the mission’s spawn not the results. Where and how you choose to fill it doesn’t matter.


Thx for the info everyone. I guess I just have a bad luck with elemental chest this day

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