Wanted Chests & Titans

I don’t know if titan finishing strikes count towards color specific wanted chests at the moment, however, it would be amazing if you got a special reward for completing a wanted chest by slaying a titan. This would be incredibly hard to pull off, since you would need to get your chest to 149/150, wait for a titan of the same color, and coordinate with your alliance to let you get the finishing strike. I think this would be an incredible feature to give players special rewards for completing a very difficult and epic task.

Personally I hate this idea with all my heart.

It would

  • Prevent you from doing raids, maps and quests out of fear of getting too many of a certain color.
  • It would encourage people not to hit titans as hard as they can, and as often as they can
  • It would lock up thay “chest-position” while waiting for the right titan color

Creative idea though!
Far easier would be to just improve the Rare Chest rewards all together.


Yup, I wish the Finishing Strikes stat which serves absolutely no good use would be replaced by a some more useful stat. Even current win streak for raids would be 10000x better.


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